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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wednesday May 2, 2018

President Trump does not want to babysit any more

Pope Francis Treasurer to stand trial for Pedophilia 

Nobel Peace Prize giver regrets giving it to Obama 

Study shows baby Alphie had aluminum in his brain

No One In Hollywood got a permit to protect kids from Pedophiles

Facebook becoming Match.Com now

They are breeding mosquitos and ticks to give us infections

Oregon & other states trying to pass a bill against Monsanto

  Trump's doctor's office was raided, by the bodyguard, something wrong here

Philadelphia missing $33 Million in cash

Texas Sues To End DACA

Cheerleaders forced to pose topless - NFL

 Boston - Simmons College stating God Bless You Is Islamaphobia

 Michael Caputo

Hillary still whining

Bombshell about Trump and Stormy Daniels

Trump Nominated for the Nobel Prize 

List of the 18 people that nominated Trump