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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Monday April 30, 2018

Rude reporter asks the President about the Nobel Peace Prize
Trump answers, Peace is the prize

Foiled Hillary plot uncovered about WW3 , set up Russia, and blame them in order to begin this war, 
Annon, reveals

Tree under quarantine from Marcon sources say

Secret Audio shows Colorado threatening candidate to quit race - dirty politics 

Illegals kept in stash house at border 

Illegals crossing over border right now, no cops, no border patrol, no national guard 

Illegals Breitbart 

Twitter links to send to Ecuador on behalf of Julian

Julian Assange Mailing Address

Trump signs EO on Wednesday to pull gov't out of control over schools and leaving it up to the states,   this takes down the NWO part,

David Hogg attends WHCD & tries to get people to oppose NRA

  Nigel Farel on Trump going to London

Red State was a Never Trump site, closed down,


Former Bush attorney wants to run as a democrat

Alfie Evans
Poem written by Alfie's mom - so sweet

Comey Lynch in more trouble as FBI drops bombshell

Chemtrails in Spain

Starbucks - getting sued over free food
Roseanne talks about her phone call from President Trump

Tom Fitton - on James Comey Leaker

Smallville Cult & Allison Mack

Video Part 1

part 2

Allison Mack tried to recruit these actresses

Allison Mack admits to selling children to Rothschilds and Clintons

Cult connected to Clinton's and Supreme Court

Obama created Operation Raging Bull putting MS13 gang members in every city

Paul Ryan trying to replace himself w/ a lobbyist and Obama supporter

Sessions Indictments for Fentynal from China

Pompeo - new sanctions on Iran

Chicago giving ID's to illegals

Former Hillary advisor makes a report on Corrupt Mueller

The Washington Swamp

2016 Endorsement for Trump

Time for Grand Juries against McCabe and Comey

Whitehouse dinner backlash

Trump tweet about dinner

Twitter Petition -

Going after Jill Stein

Climate Change hoax crumbles

NY bar that threw out a trump supporter getting death threats

UK Sale Sainsbury to by Asda from Walmart

McCain Stepping down

Michael Cohen part of the legal fees paid out of Trump campaign

ICE chief resigns

Clinton's holding a $100,000 a plate dinner  - beyond belief
Laura Loomer

Warlord sentenced to 30 years after cannabilism


Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran Deal - a charade 

Iran news coming

Iran pulls out of the deal after exposure

Sources say the explosion was destroying their storage site

Sean Hannity - Iran Nuclear deal violations

Ted Cruz on Iran deal

Bejamin Netaynu full video here

Iran lied about nuclear weapons

Whitehouse smears VA' doctor & gets him to leave from slander, where did it start?

Border Caravan waiting to get in still


Snopes finally exposed as a CIA operation

Michelle Wolf's deleted tweets - in such poor taste

Clapper & Brennan still have security clearances

IRAN deal exposed

Whitehouse crosses out has to had nuclear weapons

Iran pulls out of its own deal after getting busted by Netanhu

Obama lying about Iran and nuclear deal, he paid them, got nothing
Q Anon 

Obama's tweet of 2015

Nigerian Presidental Advisor said Obama did not help them 

Netanyhu in 2002 on Iran - Wikileaks

documents saved from Q!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFmNs_yBZpKbCCgg

Roy Moore sues the people that lied about him

Leaked questions from Mueller for Trump, leaked to NY Times

Tom Brady caving to the left and kneeling for the anthem wow


Comey - Still would have been FBI director if Hillary had won, even though she was planning for McCabe LOL  delusional

Sajid Javid new home secretary UK

Trump getting spied on in England - Fairview Surveillance program

N & South Korea remove propaganda and match clock times

Disney pedophile symbol all over elephant character