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Friday, May 4, 2018

Saturday May 5, 2018

DHS Promises No Tolerance on Illegals

Kentucky Derby photos 

CPS Honduras  ends from 1999 -totally abused

Man arrested for flying to FL to meet Trump and "smoke a joint?   WHAT?

Attorney Client Privilege w/ Rudy Guilani

Sex Assault cover up

Staff Suspended over immigration abuse

Charlie Kirk
The constitution was not written for the times, it was written to stand the test of time
DC  Pedogate - BUSTED

State Dept spokeswoman goes after free press and fake news

Federal law on classified information

MA Corrupt judge upset that ICE arrests criminal illegal

Prom Dress,  American Girl in Chinese dress - outrage

Charlie Rose - disgusting  really disgusting

Dana Loesch on Parkland and Sheriff Israel failures

Alan Dershowitz

Mounting trouble for Comey, who is contradicting his own testimony and evidence

California, disgusting art mural of Trump in a school, ordered to be covered

DNC fraud lawsuit moves forward on appeal

Stormy Daniels not paying legal fees, so who is?

Obama expenses as President, as they complain about every dime for Trump stafff

South Carolina almost voted out abortion last night

Mueller interviews Trump Friend

Judge slams down Mueller's request for a postponement of charges and says no

Mark Levin - Mueller has no authority to subpeona Trump

England Schools removing analog clock since the did not teach kids to tell time

Isela Blanc Arrested for protests over ending DACA

Bikers headed to confront Mueller in DC

Quick view of all of the black people Trump has connected with,

Hillary was running a crime syndicate

NXIVM Doctor showed cannibalism films - sick

Trump round table on tax reform

Imgur Hacked to DDOS

Seattle hiding criminal records from landlords

Flight attendant drunk

Trump offering peace even w/ Colin Kaepernick - wow

Hillary ordering theft of DNA at UN

Germany - Snuff film  they actually kill people for profit

Rosie O'Donnell over donated = violating campaign finance laws

The Black Eyes = Publicly shamed by their masters

Many articles about McCain passing and he stated he wants his daughter to be OK and Trump not to be at his funeral

McCain regrets Sara Palin -

Rudy Guiliani, the only crimes committed here are by the government

Twitter tampering w/ analytics of even Chuck Woolery

Postponing Horowitz testimony - new evidence on Hillary

Shaquille O'Neil = Trump Best President of all time

Children are shipped live in art = what?

Arrests at anti Putin rally

Warren Buffet 1.1 Billion dollar loss

Obama faking his college did not go to Columbia

Italian Art Gallery Boss faces trial for fraud

Ivanka Trump and her ex husband go on Italy Dancing With The Stars

John Kerry lashes out after exposure of treason