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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday May 6, 2018

Resignation List keeps growing
notable resignations

U2 is for Abortion, fans are so sad

Finland says migrant rape of a 10 year old is not rape 

Georgia Pedogate - huge

SGT Report on shipping live people in art shows, sick pedogate 

Devin Nunes calls for the arrest of John Kerry

John Kerry - top in the illuminati chain 

John Kerry

ICE arrests man in Maryland crash that kills FBI officer

Pope Francis now trying to tweet out Christian beliefs, but do not fall for it, he's a false prophet

Pedogate honor for Lisa Ling = still equals pedos

Schwarzenegger received Putin terminator tshirt from Russia

American Intelligence
Stolen From Americans

400 Hillary Emails are punishable by death

Grand Paris Race Canceled over migrants blocking the route

Paris turning a park into a muslim shelter

Mounting Pressure on Mueller to end his fake witch hunt

Study on Fake News

Stormy Daniels payment not likely illegal says former FCC chair

Sharia Law in Michigan

Fired Baker under investigation for leaking classified information

London March for Free Speech - Wow

Truth Factory Cat

Hawaii Volcano

Google like Twitter, trying to implement European law, but operated out of USA

Amazon blocking Christians

Trump's Popularity is so great, now they are rigging the actual polls

57,000 Hondurans will be deported in 2020 

Trump - No more games we need a wall

House intel report - no deception by Flynn

Hillary fundraising in New Zealand

Hillary and Secret Service  - read the comments, no one wants to go near her 

Devin Nunes on Sunday

DOJ response to Nunes, stonewalling needed documents