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The truth never changes, lies always do

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday March 8, 2018

Sean Hannity

Truthers awakened on the 9/11 lie

Stormy Daniels had sex w/ 1000 guys, OUCH

Associated Press tries to cover up Clinton's ties to the sex cult but Allison Mack is naming names

Tucker Carlson on Mueller probe

Muslims in Spain mad that a girl wore shorts

Parkland Shooter - they lied about him

Trump tweeted in 2013 about Eric Schneiderman

Trump seeking drug test for Schneiderman in 2014, wow

Victims urged to keep quiet to protect Schneiderman

Trump in 2014 about Eric Schneiderman's eye liner

Schneiderman bypasssed law to disclose foreign donors

NY AG Accused of abusing 4 women

Eric Schneiderman wore eye liner & role played  - so sick

People knew about the freak show w/ Schneiderman, and put it out on Twitter

Manhattan DA opens probe on Schneiderman

Schneiderman was deep state coup to take down Trump

Netanyahu thanks Trump

Frivilous lawsuit filed against Ben Carson for ending an Obama era scam

Person of Interest murdered

Hillary in Auckland New Zealand

Chelsea Manning - open borders, no jails, Maryland Senate big

Pedestrian Deaths

Rosie O'Donnell and Dinesh - Campaign contributions can't donate too much


Ted Cruz tweet

At least 4 countries host nuclear material still

Cash for Clunkers money went to ISIS

Trump ends Obama's era of appeasement

Iran Nuclear deal, going to expire, democrats are in a panic

Return the peace prize

Jeff Flake opposed the Iran deal back in 2015, but now that Trump ended it, changes his tune

1 Million pounds of unused drugs returned on Drug takeback day

Melania announces Be Best campaing for bullying and opioids

Waffle house hero raised $227 thousands for the victims

Hawaii Volcanos

Trump withdrawing from Nuclear Deal

Heads exploding as Trump undoes Obama legacy

Obama statement

Hillary Statement

Turkey Threatens Trump over ended deal,

Tylenol can kill you, article from 2013

New Hampshire 4th state to require work for medicaid

Travel ban will not effect world cup

Villifying People Who Report Suspicious behavior is a dangerous game, they do target people that try to call and warn people

NRA meeting - highest attendance record

Judicial watch - fighting Mueller team 24/7

Pence calls for sanctions on Venezuela

Jim Acosta tweeted the truth,

Nunes fighting Sessions

Nunes wants John Kerry Arrested

Melania Be Best Project

Michael Cohen - issues over the payments to Stormy Daniels

Mike Pence's Brother wins seat in primary

Iran Sanctions listed here

Calif AG arrested for child porn

New Q