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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday May 9, 2018

Kangaroo Rat, not extinct

NXIVM hacked Hillary

IRAN threatens to continue

IRAN sets American flag on fire after we pull out of IRAN deal

Russian who paid Michael Cohen tied to Clinton's and Podesta


Hillary wearing a bullet proof vest

Liz Crokin response to Obama objection to removing ourselves from Iran deal

Schneiderman STOPPED the investigation into NXIVM

Stormy Daniels Lawyer accuses the wrong Michael Cohen

Stormy Atty

FBI probing Stormy Daniels atty for how he got Michael Cohen's banking info 

Deep State don't play

IG opens probe on how Atty got private banking info

Stormy Daniels - 2010 tweets of her being "branded"

Drug Trafficking & Pedo ring  - April La June

Howard Rubin  - George Soros Right hand man arrested for raping Playboy bunnies

Devin Nunes calling for John Kerry arrest

Monica Lewinsky 

CIA Nominee won't use torture tactics again

Senators trying to restore net nuetrality

Macaulay Culkin - satanic cult

Europe can't keep Iran deal alive

Google bans pro life ads ahead of Ireland voting for abortions

Mueller's secret source

Former retired operatives being called back to duty

Trump fun video talking heads remake LOL

CIA director hearing questions

Santa Clarita bows out of Sanctuary law in CA

Weapons being created in China and Russia

In Finland, they allow for child rape and don't call it rape - wow, sex w/ kids as young as 10

Widow arrested for having her husband murdered 17 years ago

Silicon Valley CEO arrested for child rape

American Prisoners being returned from N. Korea in good health

Trump going to meet the freed Americans

Trump praising Candace Owens

Devin Nunes & Trey Gowdy going to DOJ

DOJ  Sessions concedes before impeachment

Melania Speech to Military Mothers - Wow


ISIS Terrorist gets 17 years for stabbing NY FBI agent

Police brutality - choking a teen in prom tux?????

Press Secretary to MSM - be accurate

McCain Confession

7 States to sue to end DACA

1 Year ago - Comey Fired

Georgia murder suspect caught after 22 years on the run

Did Michael Cohen try to profit of his inside knowledge of Trump?

Kick out MSM