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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sebastian Gorka on prisoner release

Prisoner release at 3:00 am

3 Branches of Government

Health Ranger
USA - most unhealthy country

Cambridge Analytica shutting down now 

Hillary biggest loser of all time 

 Q posts 5.5 = prisoner release time 

 CIA officer charged w/ espionage 

Ex CIA Officer charged w/ selling secrets to China

German Journalist dies - Whistleblower

Israel strikes Iranian infastructure

Melborne Austrialia - get life for doping horse

Explosive secrets about Mitch McConnell

Rape at Chris Brown's house

Child labor laws being lightened for 17 and 18 year olds on certain jobs

Chuck Schumer so jealous of Trump

Germany feeling the hit of Trump bringing back law and order and not accepting blackmail

Georgia candidate will round up illegals w/ his own truck

Democrats so desperate they want to lower the voting age to 16

The democrats push to end the electoral college, Connecticut is one of the 10 states on board

Mike Pence - Mueller investigation, time to wrap it up

Judicial Watch getting more Tarmac information

Treasury inspector general suspected of leaking Michael Cohen's private bank records

John Kerry confesses

Sara Huckabee slamming the traitors !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats losing points badly

Cynthia Nixon -NY

Iranians tweeting thousands of thank yous to Trump on twitter

GOP lawmaker wants a law to have post offices put up Trump and Pence photos

20 California cities oppose sanctuary laws

Jobless claims at 48 year low - WOW

Hillary claims 10's of millions have not moved on from 2016 election

Emails show Comey conspired w/ Mueller

Hillary on the view  OMG

UK proposes 6 year prison sentence for posts against religion (muslim) or gender

Wikileaks posting Obama speech about hiding things

Kevin Kamenetz Candidate for Maryland Governor dies

Boy Scouts lose close to 1/2 million after changing name to Scouts

Obama president legacy should be destroyed

Trump's tweet of 2016 about being there for people

Investigating Stormy Daniels Attorney 

Obama Legacy


ProTrump signs in Jerusalem

Cop choking victim at Waffle house - kid took his sister to prom

Federal courts have no accountability

Communication shutout

Comey & Mueller

1/2 of Americans live in sanctuary cities

Kim Dot Com - Hillary got another $5.5 from NZ

Disney loses $100 million on movie taking out Christianity

Misdirected mail

Nurse charged in killing McMaster's father

Stormy Daniel's attorney - unknown who is paying legal fees

Q - now comes death

Wetzel pretzels complaining about $15.00 an hour for employee pay

Rod Rosenstein has to back down

Lawyer fighting Facebook