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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 1, 2018

Trump in Asia right after election - Nov 14, 2017

The 16 year plan to destroy America
Obama Clinton George Soros 16 year map of NWO and destruction

Creepy sick pedogate - these people are sick

How Obama let Hezzbolah off the hook

Indictments growing,  I pray they are served soon

YouTube Channel

Deep State Archives

Strzok & Page corruption breakdown - twitter thread

I think this is fake news, they just like to make headlines 

Belgium bans the burqa

  Companies to boycott, bad brands

Pope Francis and his April 29 tweet to be unarmed

Office of the Inspector General report

Bill Gates met w/ Trump - hopefully not to work at WH

Sebastian Gorka on Obama, Iran Deal his legacy = dead

Google trying to hide true news

Mitch McConnell - ties to China

Putting doll heads on monkeys to mask them as small children as they beg for money  OMG

Sprint & TMobile Merger

Religions Cult Deep State

John Podesta makes strange tweet about aliens

John Bolton

Trump to attend NRA meeting in Dallas

Bad dog food sickened animals

Curt Shilling fired over transgender bathroom comment

Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood resigns

Twitter censorship is ridiculous

DNC wants money back from Hillary

April 19, 2018  Court orders Hillary's emails released

Canada wants US to enforce immigration laws

FBI still refuses to release old servers

Guitar company Gibson files for bankruptsy

Caravan being let through - beyond belief

Term Limits needed for Congress

5 yr old singing w/ her dad, wow

Prosecutor killed in Operation Long arm, trying to break up trafficking ring

Amazon products have listening devices in them that can even get you arrested

Skeletal remains found of 3 women near DC

Wanted 1 million people for DNA

John McCain asking for his daughter to be taken care of,  sees his last days

EPA Pruitt's head of security resigns

Kayne West on TMZ

Eastern European countries deport all muslims

Hulu cancels on Michelle Wolf after her Whitehouse appearance
Obama knew about the Iran lie

Phoenix drops sanctuary status and crimes goes down

Aron Traywick a CEO of Big Pharma found dead

Manafort - They cannot produce evidence

NY CIA Case w/ Liberal Judge denies case against them, for for the corrupt CIA

Invitation to Clinton Dinner 

 Trump's medical records were seized, no privacy or laws in this country