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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Friday June 8, 2018

Julian Assange
Pamela Anderson: Why Julian Assange is in danger via @YouTube


Alex Jones on Tuscon says no child trafficking

2 Yr Old Shoots Himself w/ Daddy's gun

DOJ To release report on June 14

Budweister bailing on Made in America festival

Baltimore Cop to serve 25 years

Pedogate raping babies

Queen Elizabeth - pedogate

Undoing Obamacare

Kim Kardashian

Half of Humanity wealth belongs to 8 people

Ouch, spygate

Tennessee store puts no gays allowed sign up

Facebook and Fake News Get Married

Austria closing mosques


AT&T Price hike

Anthony Bourdin dies of suicide

Donald Trmp Jr

Obama's letter to Trump

Melania's surgery

155 Million employed, highest in history


Trump pardoning others


Copyright law wants to make memes illegal

Facebook shared posts w/ 14 million viewers

DOJ - investigating 27 leaks of classified information

Talks over bringing Julian Assange home to Australia

Paul Manafort Charged by Mueller

 Trump is a genius

Charges on Wolfe

Muslims kicking over gravestones

UK Pedogate

Seth Rich lawsuit Subpoena's Twitter

Tuscon Arizona update

Stormy Daniels sues her own attorney

Iran confesses to 9/11

9/11 attacks confession

Hillary Timeline

Anthony Bourdin - Hillary Clinton

Anthony Bourdin looks more like Clinton Body Bags

Obama posting photo w/ Anthony Bourdin

56 Lawmakers Call For PP Investigation

Trump on Classified Info

Describing illegals

Illegal immigration is a scheme being used by the Democrat party to create a future base of liberal voters, destabilize our culture, and destroy the rule of law

Diane Feinsteins's staffer

Last Munchkin character of Wizard of Oz dies at 98

Candace Owens

Skull found near Tuscon

NH Governor bans gay conversion of minors

Congress votes to audit Mueller probe


Julian Assange

Veteran that wanted 100 birthday cards, received 50,000

Charges made in London Fire

Queen of Holland's sister found dead