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The truth never changes, lies always do

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wednesday May 16, 2018

N Korea backing down on summit again

DWTS Finale - Tonya Harding

Pope Francis stepping down

Trump visiting Melania

Flynn plead guilty because they threatened him and his son

Kellyanne - Firing leakers and traitors

Stephen King makes fun of Melania

DOJ files appeal to keep Bill Clinton's records secret????? What?????

Ecuador Ex President says not torturing Julian, when they are

Treatment of Julian is unjust says the minister

The Gov't has spent $30M surveilling Julian Assange

Julian Assange Petition

Jeff Sessions on leakers

UK Role in Julians' detention

Free Julian march in Brazil

Podesta Linked to murder

BMW door closes and woman almost loses her thumbs

AT&T Internet Bill of Rights

Dossier linked to Theresa May 

Mueller not indicting Trump 

Mueller under fire now 

 Obama - armed ISIS

Trump round table on sanctuary cities 

Senate Votes to reverse Net Nuetrality

Cartels smuggling immigrants 

 Melania sends out message after surgery

Debbie Wasserman - terrorist

Wasserman Ballots destroyed 

Fox pays $10 Million in Discrmination lawsuits

Seattle WA raising taxes to pay for illegals

Comey sent Strzok to London 90 days before the election to set up Trump

Whitehouse leaker

Obama defeat in Abortion being mandatory funding

Michael Avenatti - digging deeper

Michael Cohen, still working on Stormy Daniels 

 Irish people being set up to house mirgrants

Brain overload

New chairman at Fox News

 ISIS leader captured

IG Report Draft

Bad Lip reading

Mueller coerced Mike Flynn into pleading guilty

Lisa Rinna Says She sold her soul to look good