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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday May 17, 2018

Trump files new paperwork to cover the payment to Stormy Daniels

Allison Mack details

Gina - CIA Director when Crossfire Hurricane code name was made

Trump asks Sessions to prosecute Oakland Mayor

Anthony Weiner Warrant 


IG Report will declare they broke the law 


Obama era gun smuggling probe

Texas man kills his 3 kids, himself, new boyfriend, and injures wife

President Trump on fallen officer

Past Predidents on the lie of moving the embassy to Jerusalem

President Trump on MS13 Illegals Sanctuary Cities

Mark Dice - Deportation Bus

Antifa after the deportation bus

Massachusetts - Sharia Law

Epstein has a video of Chuck Schumer and 14 yr old boys???? says this tweet

YouTube going through videos and removing thumbnails of all cleavage

Graduation photos of girl w/ her gun

MSM spies being paid off

Pence trying to be President

Sol video for Trump and deep state

lady calls cops over a barbecue

California = Soros pouring millions into race

John Kerry s daughter

California  naked man going to the bathroom in front of a police car  San Francisco  OMG

Girl urinates in public restaurant  beyond fathom

Stormy Daniels legal fund paid by this ex Clinton staffer

CNN loses 30% of viewers

French seaside - tourists are scared to go

Q Thread

Fake News

Video why socialism does not work

There are more registered voters than there are live adults by at least 3.5 million people

NYT lying about what Trump said

Sara Huckabee, calling MS13 gang members animals is not strong enough

Brennen will be hauled off !!!!! 

CIA  led in framing Trump 

Whitehouse joke LOL