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Monday, April 16, 2018

Tuesday April 17, 2018

WOW, just got this, says it came out 2 months ago,  frightening
Obama trying to run for UN Secretary general

Bought off MA former GOP says he's going to help dems, - translation, they bought him or blackmailed him

John Kapoor 74
Big Pharma was arrested in December

 Canadian parents arrested for trying to protect their daughter from rape

IG report released - natural news  link on there

 IG Report

Bill and Hillary Cocaine business

Cocaine can be found on our hands, even if we never use cocaine, it can be transferred from handing cash and other items

Texas Man gets life in prison for murder and cutting the woman's heart out  - beyond belief

Argument for special counsel in House Floor

Trump does not put new sanctions on Russia

IG Report coming out in May

President Clinton bought off people after rapes and used the money to pay victims

Amazon workers were so afraid to take a break, they went to the bathroom in bottles,  WHAT? are you kidding me?

Rep Zeldin - amazing speech for 2nd counsel

Dirty McCabe

Morgan Freeman last year stated that the best way to restore the USA was to jail Hillary, he is correct

NY City subways flooded - wow

Syria Strikes said to have taken down place that was working on cancer cures, but others say they had chemical weapons

Trump w/ Japan at Mar Largo Today over trade & Nuclear weapons


Pastor accused of espionage in Turkey after 23 years there

Police disiplinary records

Q 4 booms coming

Now cops are about to release this from knowing about it over a year ago, took a long time to get to this place and break the democratic party

Corey Digs - Clinton Foundation Haiti

Queen Elizabeth removes the Obama's from the wedding list

Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

N & S Korea announce an official end to war - HUGE

70 year war ending

Orange county votes out of sanctuary laws

Mueller probe - fake news


Bill Clinton's lawyer calls James Comey a liar

Movie pass changes its unlimited service

Android aps unlawfully track children

Rep Dent leaving Congress in May

Twitter crashed - I think that was to alert people about arrests etc, not sure

IRS problems

Julian Assange

Police extract photos from whatsup app to convict drug dealers

DOJ misses deadline to turn over memos

China started largest surveillance

Wow, you can't make this stuff up

Kroger - pay raises for staff and hiring

Stormy composite????  Joke

Composite - equal to Ken Doll 

Stormy - Bon Jovi???? 

Strange court case, but they are twisting it,  Crime of Violence is a vague term, crimes have to be named as crimes

Charlie Dent notice of resignation

DIck's destroying AR15's instead of giving back to manufacturers

Former FBI Agent Terry pleads guilty to leaking classified material faces 3-5 years

Pope entering mosques???? Wow, over the top sad and brutal to the Catholic faith

25 Priests arrive at Vatican for exorcism course

Starbucks closing for a day - 8,000 stores to educate staff on race related conduct

Starbucks statement

Tax March - against the tax cuts can you believe it?

Judge Kimba Wood - also a Playboy Bunny wow

Human global incident map

Tom Fitton Lou Dobbs,

Alan Dershowitz should un-recuse himself

Obama's payment to Iran - going to be dealt with under Trump

Trump needs more time to do his taxes

Trump signs 96 Bills into law in 2017 

Russia claiming it found nuclear weapons in Syria, but provides no evidence 


Mueller calling out fake news

Students slash their wrists ad George' County Elementary school?  

Oregon University President earns 76,000 a month pension

Barbara Bush passes away at 92

Florida city inspector tries to force business to take down Veteran's flags but cannot

Muslim refugees teach children to hate Australia - wow 

640 Pounds of explosives stolen in Lancaster PA

 CIA Director Mike Pompeo met w/ N. Korea over Easter

Sean Hannity

Putting in the RFID chip