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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December 26, 2017

Eric Schmidt resignation
the day after the Executive Order and his involvement w/ Clinton's

Trump To Unveil $1 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure & Jobs Plan


Case Spelled Out

HUGE Breaking, read and watch, Criminal charges filed against the following in Nevada

Great video on Nevada Indictments

Names on indictments
The following people are being named in the criminal indictments!
former illegal President George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Richard Cheney, John Brennan, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, John McCain, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Peter Monk,  Condeleza Rice, George Soros, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others!

Hillary & McCain forced to wear boots at upcoming trials

The Still Report

Obama - drug bust it's so overwhelming his massive list of crimes

Chain Migration - so dangerous to USA

FBI offered anti trumper $50 K to find Trump involved in Russia Collusion

Starship Blog on Andrew McCabe & his illegal gotten assets
my video on there

Trump's Tweet  very significant  "Things are happening faster than thought"

The Takedown - More Julian Assange
going to drop the names of the pedo list

Julian Assange  - Weiner File  Great video on dropping names of deep state

Q QANON messages

Q Messages w/ Donald Trump Tweets - there are no mistakes, this is a bread crumb

We The People Memorandum of Law

What does it Mean - Protecting the Whitehouse

Q ANON post

Sexual Harassment payouts

Senator's Waited until Christmas to disclose the sexual harassment claims paid out


Senator Warren & Joe Kennedy trying to take on Trump in 2020

Senator Warren stole $5 Billion

Democrat Indicted for Fraud Stealing Food From the Poor & Running For House Of Representatives
Shawn Brown

MA Democrat Brian Joyce Indicted in 113 Counts of Fraud & Racketeering


Christmas Sales

Expect more in 2018

Battle Continues on rights to display Christian Ads

Christmas sales way way up

Media Ignoring President Trump's 600 Billion Christmas season & people not living paycheck to paycheck any longer


APPLE I Phone Lawsuits !!!!
Apple being sued for purposely slowing down aging phones to force people to buy new ones

Nancy Pelosi refusing to return money from child trafficking website

Liberal Message on Billboard

Something everyone should have in front of their driveway LOL

UN - Budget Cut by Nicki Haley $285 Million away from UN

Guatemala moving its embassy to Jerusalem

NBC - strict new sexual harassment policy enforced

Ann Coulter - Dream Firestorm

Robert Spencer

Military Pensions About to Change

Congresswoman Jackson stole a seat on a plane & is making it about race, she is so off the mark, it's about the fact that the ticket was sold to someone else, who paid for that, & she was forced to leave her own purchased seat for anyone, Congresswoman or not.

Franklin Graham Supports Trump and his bringing back Christmas

CPS  Child Protective Services - part of child trafficking

From 2012  CPS Drug Use stole child & drugged their child, causing her to lose weight and act out, this is how sick the deep state was back in 2012

More CPS tragedies to our children


Bernie Sanders Wife in trouble for the money she used in a school

James Comey - Christmas tweets, photo & mug so strange  shows his back only, reading a legal document,  here's the link

Tick Tock, Andrew McCabe trying to survive 60+ days to collect benefits
will they fire him?  I pray they do, as well as lock him up

UN - not happy w/ National Emergency Act from Trump

Trump's Attorney  Jay Seckulow Might Be Wrapping up Mueller Investigation

Huge News Several Nations In Talks About Moving Their Embassy's To Jerusalem

Trump is a World leader, he speaks, they follow


Trump denies request to LA California for illegal aid to police - DENIED

Opioids Overdoses & deaths - white working class

Trump turning around the economy

David Steele Former CIA Agent

Swarthmore College - pushing liberal agenda and queering God

Airline Geeks Suspending Flights For Targeting Women - Denying them the right to board planes

London Mayor tries to cancel Trump's Trip for 2018 since he tweeted the truth about muslim crimes on humanity

Mark Cuban on why he won't buy the Carolina Panthers

Ooops, sexual blog posts uncovered Cenk Uygur Expelled

Why was defector vaccinated for Anthrax ? After leaving N. Korea?

3 Lawsuits Filed Against Andrew McCabe by Judicial Watch

Media blackout on reporting story of stabbling my somalia Muslim man

Minnesota Woman Stabbed while walking along

NFL cancels their game of the season - huge

Removing a Whitehouse Tree

Video on the tree removal - too large

Chicago What Are they doing to Veteran's who are falling ill?


Somalian Whistleblower receives settlement from UN after seeing Corruption

El Chapo's Attorney's seeking funds


Megyn Markel Screams after The Queen halts the wedding Of Her & Prince Harry

Prince Harry's Wedding - public does not want Obama there

Ships spotted transferring OIL to N. Korea & China?  Makes no sense

Malia Obama  roommate arrested in Cambridge MA

April 2017 Video on conditions Obama did not want this video watched

Clinton Body Bags - 8 new deaths

Irv Weinstein 87 Year Old News Anchor dies from Lou Ge-rigs disease

Russia Banned from Olympics after whistleblower told about drug use on the athletes, now in fear of his life

Fake News now coming to us for truth

Pope Francis - Winds of War,  they all want war, so they can take the focus off the behind the scenes crimes & pedophilia,  We don't want war, the pedophiles do

Trump Knows that the pope is not for Christianity

Flight Detained w/ celebrity on it, does this mean anything?