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Saturday, December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017

Photo of the year

Our Awesome President Meme  LOL

Trump Using Social Media as the only way to fight fake news

Trump thanks the Coast Guard at his resort, while on vacation

HUGE  Trumps Stock Market Numbers Put Him in the History Books & More - Record Book

Trump Gives the Media a wake up call, without him, they have no platform and will not survive, everyone knows they are all "fake news"

Important regarding the arrests and lock ups of the criminal cabal

Because all this is happening under the EMERGENCY E.O. of 12/21/17, quasi-martial law status, all the court action is set up under Ex parte Quirin, 317 U.S. Military Tribunal (where military officers are judges) and state secrets privilege is asserted to assure all U.S. classified information and issues remain secure (United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1 [1953])... this explains military incarceration at Guantanamo, using capture, arrest, detainment and transported by the U.S. Army Delta Force Airborne as Q Anon relayed and confirmed "F Delta C 25-26"... where the "F" is "FORCE" and the "C" signifying that GITMO is a "Delta CAMP" (the final destination), and these arrests were activated and deployed (begun) on 25-26 of December. LINKS BELOW:

Debbie Wasserman Shultz
Likely ordered the murder of Seth Rich

Important  Trump's Big 6 Accomplishments

NY Fighting Tax Bill, Threatening to Sue  LOL

Chelsea Handler does not like Trump's Tweet about Climate Change, LOL

More on the LA Flight Turned Around  Now saying it was a stowaway w/ no ticket
not sure I believe, how can we?  Fake news has lied too much

Obama Had signed into Law the Indefinite Detention Law
Perhaps this will now be used on him

Murder in NY

The Private Venue & the Reboot of the US Dollar

Make Up without harmful chemicals

Al Gore & his ill gotten wealth from the scam of Climate Change,  I do believe that his assets will be seized , it was all a billion dollar scam on us

In November Judicial Watch released 29 pages of the meeting at the Tarmac

Jihadists blow up pipeline in Iran

Facebook deleting accounts

They are saying Obama tweeted about the New Year, try to remember anyone can tweet for him

John Skipper Resignation - sexual abuse not addiction

George Papadopoulos got drunk & spilled that Russia had dirt on Hillary

They forgot to mention the $25 Million Dollar payout
True Pundit

George Papadopoulos tied to Hillary Campaign

Gitmo Flight Log

Attack in Russia So Heartbreaking

Bernie Sanders

Old Article
Benjamim Fulford was trying to bust up pedo ring as far back as 2013

Benjamin Fulford

Trump Deploys Troops

Koch Brothers kicked off Trump properties this is old I've heard this before

Tim Kaine's Son Jailed for Violent Protest

Q QANON Update

IMPORTANT - Jeff Sessions 

Saying Jeff Sessions into Uranium One
uploaded in November

Mike Huckabee saying people will lose faith in Sessions

Marco Rubio is so stupid, can't believe he has that job.  He says he thinks Mueller w/ be fair?  Does he even have a brain?

Trump Releases Bill Clinton Video on N. Korea

Trump Hiring new border agents

Website about Monitoring the Planned Poisons - huge


Erasing Obama One Tweet At A Time

James Woods erasing Obama

 James Woods
After the failed "book tour" the Hillary Clinton Account still trying to "steal" donations from people, and no clue who was doing this, but they are so desperate, of course they would still use her account for money to keep the DNC going but James Woods, right on top of it


Why Was Doug Brady Killed In Mexico?

9/11 Cop that arrests the dancing Israeli's at the towers

The Bradford File converted the Emails for people to be able to view

Link to the files

Vandals destroy beehives on purpose and try to destroy a business,  this is so insane

Go Sara Huckabee

Mark Zuckerberg & Purge on Facebook  - deleting accounts