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Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 31, 2017 Sunday

Highest Security Ever to prevent any terror attacks

Last Day of 2017,  We are worn out warriors

Greg Jarrett on the Russia Fake Investigation on Twitter

 It is not a crime to talk to a guy in London who talked to a guy in Russia who conveyed a rumor which is later passed on to an Australian diplomat who gives it to the FBI. Yet, the FBI started a case against Trump based on quadruple hearsay involving no criminal acts?

Donald Trump Weekly Address on 12/30/17

Roseanne Barr, just sick of trolls as we all are, it's been relentless

10 Stories that defined 2017

Gay Sign Put in front of Mike Pence's Vacation Home

Rolling Stone Co-Founder Selling out & accused of sexual assault

Donald Trump Jr Turning 40 - wow

School considering using paddle w/ parent's approval  this is as scary as it gets,

Senator Warren still wanting climate change when is she going to get locked up?

Hillary Clinton supporter paid $500,000 to lie about Trump

Rape Kits tested in Ohio,  YouTube has hidden this video

Trump puts brakes on federally funded state project totaling 1/2 billion dollars

Preparing for high level arrests

New Year's Eve 2017

Trump reinvented the Presidency, he really did

President Shrinking the bureaucracy
From President Trump's December 31, 2017 Twitter

My tweet to the President

Trump even wishes fake news and the haters, Happy New Year

Corey Feldman on New Year's

Don Lemon fairly drunk on New Year's


Angela Merkel in Germany has made it so dangerous for women, they had to set up safe zones to save them from rape

The march for democracy in Iran breaking free from abuse

Plane crashes killing 10 Costa Rica

Julian Assange Tweet

Trump Russia Collusion is it finally going to end?

Bill Gates Smart Pill - we should shake in our shoes thinking of what is in this pill,  do not take is my suggestion, no matter what, we can never trust anyone to put drugs in our bodies again, they are all meant to destroy us, track us, control us, and more.

Jim Acosta at CNN is he worried he's losing his press pass?

CNN reporter lights bong at New Year's - ouch

Not professional for a reporter to do on camera to the public, Jack Posobiec

Mattis - Taking control & trying to prevent tragedies

Fake News trying to discuss a closed warrant over Sheriff Clarke's Email account and make it a story, see details here

Sealed Indictments on 9/11
Stew Webb update

US Class Action Lawsuit Against The Treasury