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Sunday, December 31, 2017

January 1, 2018 Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the first New Year's Babies

Mar Lago New Year's is Unbelievable - So Stunning

Many New Year's Headlines on this page and link

January ending Human Trafficking Month - & Trump means it, past Presidents did not

First Family New Year's Photos

Fox News, Ball Drop !!!!!

Times Square New York - Freezing Ball Drop temperatures & wind chill

 James Woods on Twitter

James Woods, on Trump saving millions in regulations

James O'Keefe saying buckle up for 2018

Lovely New Year's Tweet

Thank U ALL who made 2017 beautiful 4 me💕 Be blessed in 2018, have a Fantastic January Lovable February Marvelous March Fool less April Enjoyable May Successful June Independent July Wonderful August Romantic September Thankful November Happiest December

Why Our President does not drink 

Roseanne,  we need to give her 1 more day to start New Year's

My tweet to Roseanne

CNN showing pot smoking in Denver on the air - beyond fathom


Pedogate - Saudi Prince = his ex tells all

Pope Francis - in my view = pedo  Also on Julian's twitter w/ UN
urging peace & compassion w/ migrants & refugees?  Warped mind in my view, false prophet

Brian Podesta, John Podesta's brother runs the center for missing & exploited children
how sick is that, it's like giving them the key to the kingdom of abusing children

This "art" was put into the water, & posted back in 2016, sick when we know it's meaning

Brian Podesta & twitter locking accounts when people connected the dots

DuPont gets no jail time by crooked Judge

Gloria Allred & Lisa Bloom behind fake sexual harassment claims on Trump

Ooops, finding out who funded the claims against Trump

more paid liars on fake charges against Trump

NJ New Year's violence gunman opens fire






Julian Assange posted this song from YouTube, so out of the norm for him, must be someone special

True Pundit on Julian Assange's Tweet

Julian Assange Drops Proof that NYTimes colluded w/ Hillary

Wikileaks posting on Iran & Hillary Clinton
what questions did Hillary Clinton ask her diplomats last time?

Julian on 12/31/17  wants to end w/ a bang !!!!!!!!

 George Soros Funded McCain Institute


2018 Era of Light

How to note we are winning?  Listen here

Newt Gingrich - stage is being set for a GOP landslide

Trump wants to end world slavery

This is so gruesome, I can't make a video, but it's a man beating an animal I did not watch more than 2 seconds of this

Q QANON Update
Important dates 1/4/18, 1/10/18 and 1/20/18

Q Q Codes

Q Translation - Important

More on Q and Q Update

They killed the State Health Director that revealed Obama's birth certificate a fake - they are too sick for words

Whistle Blower reveals that Hillary Clinton got "special treatment"  likely since everyone was threatened with death

DACA - The Nature Of Our Country  If We don't fix this, we destroy the USA and look like Europe

Joseph Arpaio is the deep throat that led to Human Trafficking

Emery Smith hit w/ attack after coming forward,  this is what the deep state does, they try to leave no witnesses and use death to scare everyone from even trying to tell

YouTube sleaze ad, trying to manipulate the next election 2018

Truth about needing to wake up  - video done in 2014,  So many people tried to tell us, now we can connect the dots

Text On The Executive Order from Trump

Ex Obama Staffer = looks stupid

Iranian Protestors are translating Trump's Tweets

Pope Francis - wow, what a sick man, look what he's doing

91% Negative coverage of Trump in the last 3 months (and all last year) and he's so popular and winning on social media

Obama Legacy - sick predator and traitor to the core

Trump saves us $$$$ from Obama scam under federal taxes, state repairs that should be out of state budget, not federal

Trump is draining the swamp

Trump withholding $225 Million of Aid to Pakistan

Trump cuts funding to Pakistan

Rand Paul

Iran Protests - nothing but flack from democrats

Pakistan immediately reacts to President's Tweet & summons US Embassador

James Comey tweets on New Year's  LOL is it really him, or him from a cell?  LOL

China shuts down websites - they are a dictatorship and likely unmask every account

Just got this, but was from November 2017
Jeff Sessions, Gang Member arrests

Bill DeLBlasio gives himself a raise in 2018

Gloria Allred & LIsa Bloom are master criminals, they tried to get victims to derail Trump

Gloria Allred caught  Allred should lose her law degree, & go to prison

Oregon Law allowing people to pump their own gas, many people don't like it, ???? Wow,

Chris Mathews - total scum

California posted that they are a sanctuary state - sickos

Jerry Brown destroys California

Paul Ryan - posters in his home state

Fired Disney Worker does pity speech as a foreign worker has to replace him

Debra Messing has taught her son, not to stand for the flag

Bundy Trial, Prosecutors rigged trial and hid evidence

Obama's assets seized in Thailand

Obama's seizure

Obama seizure

UN Gives US ultimatum

So what are they transporting by train that has Chuck Schumer so upset that he won't support Trump's pick for Railroad aadministration?

Passport system crashes & passengers are held up at airports

Joe Barelli - Nancy Pelosi won't make it in 2018 he says

Gitmo prepares for prisoners - William Mount

April La June update containers of weapons

President Trump's Money Plan

Finally, FBI in trouble for trying to prevent Trump from becoming President

Oar's Demotion