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Thursday, January 4, 2018

January 5 2018 Friday Bannon Pedogate Nunes Hillary Charges DACA



DOW Jones since Trump won

148,000 Jobs added in December, unemployment rate 4.1 %

and the takedown is massive all over the map

California not too happy with Jerry Brown, but I love that they can express that

Sean Hannity 1/5/2018

How Lawsuits are illegal and how the arrests can happen, this is deep government

Tracy Beanz

Fire & Fury
Book Author under fire, portions are not true

Destroying the Illusion live update Q Illegal voting, etc

Judge obeys the law & denies motion to quash & hide bank records on Fusion GPS

Going after the pay for play, in a big way, this twitter feed contains a huge story in itself

Roy Moore gets sued for defamation by sexual harassment victim

Federal Law now saying Pot Laws will change


Meeting over DACA & The Wall - Trump not budging

Facts About DACA  - should never be allowed,  the Democrats are done, we need voter ID, and get all illegals out, period.  We do not have to trade to get a wall, that is our right to protect our borders

Illegal is high & drunk & kills a 6 year old

Tucker on DACA and Dreamers  57% say no

Massive Long Term cost of DACA
$325 Billion for 800 illegals  = $407 per illegal  out of our tax payer money

Sleeping woman on plane is sexually abused by an illegal

This is what happens in "sanctuary cities" that allow for illegals to allow for rape

ANTIFA meeting in Portland Oregon

Portland Police

Intel Flaw - Google Microsoft Slowing Down our computers

NFL ratings continue to drop

Q QAnon

Q Id' - 1 person

Q & QANON & Containers going through Canada


Secret Space Program - Alice In Wonderland Q

April La June  containers

Q  Disciples in Space

Airport activity that we can't understand & Delta Airlines

Q new channel

Russian Mob Gloria Allred & Pedogate Indiana


IMPORTANT WATCH - do not comment on youtube about this yet

Navy Jack -  The Clintons have likely been investigated this whole time

Countries by name that voted in the UN against the move, these are the deep state pedophile countries that use the UN as a child trafficking ring

Finding All James Comey's memos were classified  translation, jail

Comey Tried to erase Hillary's felonies, which is a felony

Roy Moore files a counter claim against the slander law suit

don't give up on Bannon yet

Intel Blogspot

Donald Trump Jr on Twitter w/ his father's tweet on Steve Bannon,
strange, but telling

Health Insurance will be sold across state lines, creating competition and lower prices

The Tech who deleted Hillary Emails got immunity.  My guess is he gave them a bunch of evidence for that deal & that's why they can lock them up.  We will have to see

DOJ cracking down on immigration and taking away fake papers

EPA Pruitt said to be eyeing Attorney General Job

There is criminal conduct in the Russia probe dossier


Russia Mob, Kidnapping Child Trafficking

Al Gore  Mr. Climate change, also accused several times of sexual harassment and abuse,

Bill Clinton as President at times wanted to ditch secret service to be able to rape & be a pedo

More on Indiana Pedogate

Trey Gowdy just ended the Mueller investigation

Senate Judiciary Recommends Criminal Charges in Dossier

Greta Van Sustren Interviews Sen Ben Cardin on Iran


SGT Report Steve Bannon update

Tony Blair says book is full of lies

Donald Trump Jr. Did nothing wrong, these articles are just for fake news, and there is no crime on the Trump team.  Sad that people keep doing this

More on Bannon smearing the family

Book can be false and is


Tucker Carlson calls out Keith Ellis


Hillary Clinton & her attempts to get Russia to interfere w/ election & have Putin help her

Hillary Clinton facing 3 investigations, could be a 4th

4 investigations

James Woods calls out the NYTimes after the email release

The Who Is Who of Deep State Criminals

Nunes demands remaining text messages

ESPN fires 2 people sexual harassment claims

Trump on working w/ Julian and freeing him

Missouri lawmaker makes a first during the Pledge of Allegiance,
significance is that it shows who he is

Attacking Sheriff Clark and forcing him to appear in court over Snowflake comment
this is how insane democrats are, always forcing the court system to be used

Clinton House was renovated without permits
wow, these people are beyond hope

Muslims try to rape a woman while she is in labor  OMG

Video saying China owns California

Obama brought slavery back while President

What the liberals did on both coasts to destroy states and the economy and impoverish everyone

Roy Moore's Accusers house burned down in a fire

OJ Simpson files lawsuit against Casino that banned him
If he wins, LOL the money goes to the Goldman's