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Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 6, Saturday 2018


Steve Motley - Blog and PAGE of Truth Tellers and the Q Reporters

Julian Assange

8 Year Attack on Julian ends now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Democrats that don't salute our flag, if you want to understand the rotten government and predators, just see this

Eric Trump's Birthday and tweets from his brother & sister


Intel January 6, 2018

Liberals trying to get Trump banned from Twitter  - beyond fathom

Plane catches Fire - Breitbart


Trump had tweeted about vaccines back in 2014 and he knew the doctors were lying

The Fire & Fury Book Released despite the Order for Cease & Desist

Trump at Camp David this weekend meeting w/ Republicans

Trump rightfully goes after Michael Wolfe

Democrats trying to "recycle" Michelle Obama
She will have a hard time running for President from Gitmo

Look back about a year while they were trying to vaccinate all of us and Bill Gates involved
we have figure out a lot

Murdock takes issue w/

The 3 part plan to get rid of Trump

Jake Tapper destroys himself on twitter - hilarious

Goldwater rule - no one can make medical evalutaions without having seen a patient, in other words they can't give medical diagnoses on anyone

The Logan Act - Can be used on Obama, McCain & others
but the Executive Order "trumps' All


Kate Steinle's Murderer Sentenced for Illegal Gun In his possession


Jason Chaffetz says Sessions Must Go

Unlawful case closures were a way to keep illegals here and not tried or sentenced

People are asking Jeff Sessions to step down

Sessions on Pot, don't understand this whole thing, mind blowing

this video say it was a gunpoint, I don't see a gun, or get it, no sounds, but could be true

Orin Hatch Leaving the Senate, they are reporting the Mitt Romney will win, very scary

Democratic Congressman in Oregon not going to State of the Union Address

Pushing to disbar James Comey after Clinton Scandal

Here is NSA & The Connection

Gov Elliot Spitzer threatening victim after sexual encounter

Delaying the Awan Brothers Trial again,

Kentucky - 1st Pro Life State

Trump not under investigation

Trump's staff changes are called draining the swamp

Trump - We are not going to look foolish - meaning end of the useless investigation from Mueller

Pulse Nightclub shooter's wife knew before he did that, and said nothing, she should be locked up

Jerry Van Dyke Dies at 86

Many headlines about going after Hillary, I think she's already locked up

Rush Limbaugh says Bannon was the Whitehouse Leaker

Prince Charles Windsors & Rothschilds

Sears Closing

Former Aranian President Arrested