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The truth never changes, lies always do

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sunday December 17, 2017

Swamp Rats being subpoenaed

Protests being planned if Mueller is fired - OMG here we go again  let them be in the freezing cold, it's winter

Demands for the conflict of interest

Beautiful version of Hallelujah

UN Fighting Trump's naming Jerusalem the Capital


Mueller's Emails

Mueller should be fired, and I pray he does

Everyone asking that Mueller be fired

Chicago's Illegal ID Card

Tarmac Meeting - Loretta Lynch

Jesse Waters

Judge Jeanine

Trump putting money back into the country

4 Tweets at the onset of Mueller investigation

Secret NWO Island

Adam Schiff is a traitor

Trader Joe's = All Gender bathrooms

3 Arrested For Alabama Voter Fraud

Washington Examiner

Tom Fitton

UN Convoy in CA

Actresses wearing black to the Golden Globes

Mike Cernovich - the making of fake news - using the same actor in 2 places

CDC banning words like transgender

Chemical Attacks by Homeland Security are insane, our government is so sick and dangerous

Jeff Sessions - impossible to understand

Sad reaction to sexual harassment - Cuomo

Is Adam Shiff the leaker discovered by Donald Trump Jr?

Hillary's boot

What Can Trump do that someone is not mad at, he has every right to have the NRA to the Whitehouse

Trump says he's not considering firing Mueller,  does not mean that DOJ is not doing something, let's see

Atlanta Blackout - strange

Atlanta Airport Outage

Congress Sexual Harassment

Marine Le Pen

Deep State Criminals

Trey Gowdy - FBI in trouble

What wires LMAO  Obama wiretapping  tooo funny

Doug Jones - brand new nightmares here we go

Selling The Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Investigation of Sexual Harassment

Judge Alex Kozinski

McCabe Comey Mueller - Scary

Bitcoin  they have been trying to derail Bitcoin's success and they push the fear factor, then it seems to go down,

Hillary book tour ends

Tragic death in a meat processing plant

UFO's & Black Money  love this new guy

Navy Jack Tweet w/ Trump


Clinton Murder?