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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Thursday December 14 2017

Trump is Erasing Obama & All of his harm to the USA

President Trump's Sea of Supporters

FCC Ends Net Nuetrality

Net Nuetrality

Donald Trump's Tweet in 2014

Tax Bill & Cutting Tax Red Tape - Amazing Watch

Trump on Tax Cut

Tax Website Can Save $3 Million

Transparency - Alan Dershowitz, we should know everything unless it's a matter of nat'l security

Chicago Sanctuary Mayor Declares Chicago Trump Free

Bermuda Banning Same Sex Marriage Now

Rigged Election - other news on 12/12 and 12/13 exposes the rigged election

Huma allowed to remove Muslim documents during FBI Probe?  What?

Q  Follow The White Rabbit

Q Showing rigged voting in Ohio in 2004

Deep State rigged the Alabama election

Eric Trump on Twitter

Tax Bill

Mueller & the Corrupt Investigation

Strzok tweets about 10,000 of them

Rosenstein Stands by Fake Investigation w/ Mueller

Rosenstein on the hot seat - finally

Uranium ONe

Paul Ryan - Congress will stop using tax payer money to settle claims

Julian Assange Saving Bitcoin billboard

FBI were so dangerous they were trying to take down Trump to hide their crimes

Meghan McCain on Twitter to Bannon - Suck It

Chuck Schumer - Blackmailing for the Senate Seat

Hillary's Christmas Card list - LOL

Giving Oprah an award because she's in trouble for pedogate & going to lose it all

McCain blaming Trump for arrests in other countries for fake news  - OMG

Texas Israeli Father Kills Himself & his daughter

Hamas Leaders Arrested

Dan Johnson Suicide Note - Heartbreaking

Election - Roy Moore Still Does not Concede !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roy Moore Statement

Roy Moore Lead after recount


going to stalk people off and on Twitter

Mueller Investigation Should Be Shut Down

Trump & The WitchHunt

Trump is a 1 man government  w/ traitors on both sides

Fusion GPS Wife admits that she was trying to take down Trump, they are all caught

Trey Gowdy on Rod Rosenstein

Red Flag

McCain Checks himself into hospital as the pressure mounts

NY Times Thread on Russel Simmons victims claims

Anderson Cooper won't take responsibility for his own tweets it seems, the dog ate his homework

Wikileaks saying that they are continuing to go after Trump to ultimately put in Mike Pence

Basketball players that stole sunglasses - 1 leaving the country

UK - Economic Collapse

Girl is trying to expose her satanic parents

God Is Real Why Elites Don't Want Us to See This

Disney wants to buy out Fox & Murdoch empire

Deal Reached


Paul Ryan on his way out

Fox News on Paul Ryan

Others saying No, he's not leaving - they do this fake news thing every single day

Paul Ryan - about 2018

Muslims in NJ demanding special treatment

Long Island Woman laundered money through Bitcoin to ISIS

Hazing leads to murder

Quincy MA Brother In Law of Deval Patrick held on sexual assault charges

Clear Evidence to re-open the  Hillary Criminal Case

Is McCabe being removed?

ISIS - Slave Trade

Tom FItton filed lawsuit against CA Voter Fraud

Roy Moore rigged election