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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dec 11 Monday (2017)

Gloria Allred called Roy Moore asking to settle

Roseanne's TV Reunion

Protestors over Jerusalem

MSM Retractions

Judicial Watch on Nunes

Nicki Haley' on Fox

Nicki Haley on N. Korea

Nobel Peace Prize goes to ICAN - against Nuclear weapons

Julian Assange on Nobel Peace Prize

OMG look at how desperate they are to not let Moore win?  painted truck

twitter's new rules (2016)

Mueller staffer - destroyed blackberry's

Obama Libya slave trade

George Webb

John McCain exposed w/ Rothschilds

Trying to destroy Trump

Mueller - Hillary

FBI Exposed

CNN exposed

Julian Assange - embassy move

Craigslist is taking bitcoin


Lucid Dreamer
Fires to distract Trump naming Jerusalem as Capital

In 2014, Jerry Brown signs a deal w/ China to sell Calif

This summer Jerry Brown & China & Trump in a business meeting

Jerry Brown fighting to stay in climate change

Jerry Brown combustible engine cars

June 2017 Jerry Brown signs climate deal w/ China

Trump takes back the land Obama tried to steal

True Pundit way ahead of fake news

Joe Scarboro

David Wilcock


NY Bombing

Trump At Mar lago

Jim Jordan

Locking Up Hillary Congress

Trump tax reform

Trey Gowdy - highest security clearance possible

Trump to Chelsea Handler in 2012

Trump makes robo call for Roy Moore

Rand Paul

Surgeon dead, very suspicious




$5 NFL tickets



FBI Deal w Hillary

Ministry - pro antifa

UN Green Climate Fund


Judge Napataliano

California fires - arsonist?

Trump signs new space bill

Alex Jones

CA Fires due to global warming - Jerry Brown

Murder in Hawaii

Wife of demoted DOJ

Larry King accused of Eddie Fisher's ex wife

FBI Caught - Bengazhi

John McCain - $9 Million dollars from who?

Sara Huckabee - telling the truth to fake news

Julian Assange - Pardon

Update on Q & Distractions

Wikileaks on Podesta etc - important watch

Trump & DeVos canceling loan payout that the taxpayers pay

Why is Puerto Rico paying out $113 Million in bonuses?

Background check

Abortionist only gets small fine / 14 jars of baby parts in car

Trump Sexual Harassment accuser

ABC News - LOL

Trump Accusers 1, 2 and 3

Trump unscathed after revalations

Funded by "George Soros"

5 Yr Ban On Lobbying Signed

Google hiring 10,000 to "police" youtube

NY Attack on 12/11

US Diplomat quits

Keaton's Go Fund Me Campaign halted

12 Yr old interveiews Roy Moore

McCabe Not Appearing

CNN Airs Trump's Soda favorite while NY is having terror attack

Time to fire Mueller

Putin Declares Victory at Syria Air Base

Cop found not guilty of cold blooded murder in hotel hallway

showing leaked medical records of hillary, not sure if authentic,  no one is supposed to show those, but people have had enough,  shows dementia


Sean Hannity 12/11

Fox News Confirms McCain was part of Dossier against Trump