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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pedogate 5

NFL pedogate

Oprah sending girls to Weinstein

Corey Booker admits to sexual assault

Now they are investigation Polanski molesting a girl in 1975

Former Speaker barred from contact w/ minors

Al Franken still working in senate

Sexual harassment claims against Chuck Schumer from a former staff might be false, Chuck went to police to file claim,  everyone he has not addressed the other story .

Dan Johnson Republican Lawmaker KY Commits Suicide after allegations surface


Russell Simmons

Bette Middler

Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer's wife leaves w/ the kids

one victim passed out in his office

Oprah - involved in bringing girls to Weinstein

Oprah's school child found dead

Brushes w/ death Coincidence?

Playboy underground tunnels

Hillary child trafficking the hatians back in 2010

Haiti - Clinton Foundation, child trafficking

Greta VS???

Geraldo apologizes to Bette

GOP claim paid by us

Roseanne Barr tweeting about saving lives


Jimmy Kimmel

19 yr old auctions off her virginity

Conductor Suspended

Bristol Palin gives names of harassers

East Coast pedogate

PA Pedogate arrests

TIme Person of the Year

Facebook messenger targets 6-12 year olds

Secret house settlement

*************** sent 12/5

Comet Ping Pong

Pedogate operatives turned in Minnesota court for hearing on 12/13

18 yr old


AP Exec


SEx trafficking

Horrific trafficking abuse

Hillary - Weinstein's shill

Mic Jagger - not really pedogate, but Hollywood


Corey Feldman

Corey lifestream

Mueller implicated in sex trafficking

celebrities losing it over pedogate

Matt Lauer - over the top on Ellen

NBA named in Weinstein lawsuit

Was Convers involved in the disappearance of Chandra Levy?

Coach gets 60 years

Al Franken resigns

Why they took down Weinstein

pedogate operatives

Pedophilia in USA alone

shutting down the factories that sell body parts

Dance teacher

Arizona GOP

Morning Joe staffer

Kevin Spacey - Ouch

Frank Trent steps down


Dustin Hoffman

9th Circuit Judge

Royal Pedogate

part 1

part 2

Dan Schneider - Disney

Democratic Congressman

Chuck Schumer

Corey News

***************** 12/10/17

Sandusky's son sentence

PIzzagate w/ take down the Clintons

9th circuit judge - 7 accusers

Trump's accusers

Trump Accuser - Hillary's Friend

CA Sen resigns

Corey Feldman on Dr. Oz

Corey Plays the Tape

East Coast Pedogate

The Collusion is on Clinton & Obama

Uranium 1 Investigation expanded

Ryan Lizza Fired