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Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday May 14, 2018


Trump Pence Jerusalem

 Netanyahu and Trump

Building on peace and truth 

Powerful moment in history, remember

California ANTIFA teacher charged

Illegal students applying for financial aid

UK Forced marriages to toddlers as young as two years old

Michael Avenitti and Stormy Daniels - finally exposed for their filth and crimes

Michael Avenatti evicted

Oakland Mayor gets sued after letting illegals escape because she tipped them off

Q Billboard put up, but someone deleted the tweet

Schneiderman fell in 1 day, did Guiliani expose him as a message to Mueller?


UN pushing for gun control

Destroying the Illusion

DHS - is she a never trumper?

CNN on the verge of collapse

Does Roger Stone reveal the mole

Election collusion between USA and UK

Little 8 year old goes cross country to hug police officers - wow, incredible story

GOP failing at stopping Trump agenda

VA turned away without treatment

Alfie Evans vaccine injured
that's why they hid him from cures and other doctors

Huma Abedin

 Chuck Grassley says turn over all info on Flynn

 Superman original star dies at69 

 No wall funding?????

Trump speaks to Hannity often 

 California dem against guns sentenced to 5 years for gun trafficking 

 bankers fighting bitcoin because it is competition

Clinton's behind Stormy Daniel's legal fund

Stormy tramp news

 Betsy DeVos rolling back religious aid restrictions and regulations

 Dems losing ground

Dinesh on asking since they spy on Trump, who gave the order?

700 Migrants rescued

Hillary Satan bumpersticker

Trump wants long term agreement w/ N. Korea 

Corey Lewandowski joining Pence

Nunes Gowdy

Melania - successful kidney procedure 

Trump wins on states allowing bets in sporting games etc, huge win 

Trump so connected, if you watch, it's amazing

Federal Lawsuit filed to block Obama center from being built

Former San Francisco Mayor says Dems need a 12 step program lol

Rob Lowe & Sara Huckabee picture

26 Jewish Democrats dismiss the opening in Jerusalem

Democrats ditched the Embassy opening

Felons hired as teachers by private schools in FL

N Korea dismantling

Pizzagate on Voat  connected to Allison Mack

QAnon CEO Resignations updated


Is Meghan Merkle related to Jack the Ripper?

Nurse infects patients w/ Hepatitus C

Did the NSA create Bitcoin?