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Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, Friday 2018

Sean Hannity

Man accused of spying for China can remain in Canada

Bolton and Kelly tried to end White House leaks

Deep State Senior Executive Service

Trump donates his first quarter salary to the VA

Whitehouse Yanny

Lawyer in trouble for requesting that people speak English not Spanish

Obama let Hezzobalah off the hook for the Iran  deal

Trump dismantling Planned Parenthood Title X Regan

Trump I will always call MS13 animals

Trump must cut all ties w/ UN

Tucker MS-13

John Brennan and his young girls on Facebook wow

Spying on General Flynn - 1 year before

Ex US Atty - Brennan led mission to frame Trump

Chile's Bishop - Pedogate

Ending food stamp fraud House Farm Bill

Obama Spying

Ecuador orders withdrawal of extra security for Julian, there were some people spying on him

Brennan Clapper Comey will be indicted

Bitter Clapper 

Pedogate Chilean bishops all resign

The only one that did not resign is Pope Francis 

 DOJ blocks immigration loophole

Trust fund for border wall

 LA Pedogate arrests

Narcotics Cop busted w/ 2 Million in Marijuana

 Tomi Lahren defending herself from the View


Michael Avenatti fired a pregnant woman, owed large damages

Mueller investigation threads

Playboy model and her son suicide in a hotel jump

Apprentice Contestant sues Trump, and it's going forward

House farm bill collapses - Paul Ryan must step down 

Man opens fire at Trump hotel

Trump continuing to defund PP

Abortionist is a millionaire

Jordon Sather

North Korea

Mueller made up names in indictments

NAACP President lying

Rioters paid by Obama - Hamas & Israel

French President to fine men for cat calling
Leakers in MSM fear jail for their leaks

FBI trying to reverse their crimes now

CBO reports surplus after the tax cuts

Michael Cohen seeks to block Stormy Daniels atty from joining case

Trying to stall DACA

Jack Twitter joins in Net Nuetrality