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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wednesday April 18, 2018

NY Bans Bitcoin

No gas attacks in Syria,

Westchester NY goes sanctuary 

Glenn Beck selling private jet as his empire collapses 

 Nixon - wiretapped a hotel room,  Obama wiretapped a nation 

 Day 454 of President Trump

DOJ misses 2nd deadline, wants more time,  give me a break

CCpan Poll, more people trusted Trump than Comey & they canceled the poll

Some federal funds on hold while Sessions case is on appeal for not giving aid to sanctuary cities

Both Mexico and Canada considering renegotiating NAFTA w/ USA

Bill Cosby jury gets to hear qualude testimony

Colorado Springs Airport

 Republicans vote for a push to make tax cuts permanent

 Coast Guard wants transgender until there is a direct order


Facebook operated a child porn ring years before busted 

 30 Indictments unsealed for Drug trafficking in Huntington WV

Sex Offenders Arrested in Texas

Human Trafficking arrests in Germany

Human Trafficking arrests in Germany 

 Deep State hanging?  Mexico Robert Snape from Citibank fraud division,

 3 Dead bodies found in Burbank

ICE arrests 225 in NY

Cutting taxes is the soundest way to grow the economy, even the Kennedy's pointed that out, the higher they raise taxes, the more impoverished we become

Woman dies from tic bites, pay attention

Trump's Energy adviser resigns -
Michael Catanzaro 

North Carolina water contaminated - a lot of water is 

Drones now being considered to go after who to kill

 Theresa May's husband benefits from Syria strikes

The 16 year plan to destroy America

Jeff Sessions writing a 2nd letter to those ignoring federal law 

Bush love letter goes viral 

Comey's book reduced already

Cholesterol medications are junk

New Orleans - not prayer in the streets

Neil Gorsuch trying to fix broken laws

 Criminal referral made  - HUGE

Unsealed indictment  - This is from the dark web, not sure if it's real, but it does look real
no clue

Copy of letter

List of criminal referrals

Lucid Dreamer
Pompeo went to N. Korea = 2 fold
Pompeo helped arrest of pedophile that had the tape of Hillary & Huma

WHAT DOES IT MEAN - Pompeo link

Warning  so graphic,  David Zublic video  Hillary Video Pedogate
Bootleg copy was sold, and leaked on the dark web, in order to assure the arrest of Hillary

James Comey announcing he will vote democrat in 2020

Mexico and Canada renegotiating, I did not see any "deal" where they fund the wall, but indirectly they might end up doing that

 NYTimes and the attorney tried to shame Sean Hannity

Backpage Sex traffickers got an award from Mueller in 2011

NY Trying to invalidate Presidential pardons

DOJ's Amber Alert website redirects people to porn


UK Fashion Show has been dressed up as women

US Funding the Open Borders idea in Guatemala ? Why?

Eric Holder trying to appear in NH 
running for POTUS 2020?

Democrats call for a 1 Trillion dollar tax hike  OMG

Canadian Humanitarian arrested = pedogate

Trump ready to kill nuclear deal

McMullin = campaign finance laws violations

How Hillary bought 33 states of "loyalty"

Illegals caught at border w/ assault rifles