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Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday April 16, 2018

Is this Huma?  From the Video?

CBS publishes that Barbara Bush is dead, but she's only ill

Genius,  Weatherspoons Pub in UK gets off social media,  others should follow, it's like a disease

JFK's murderer sealed until 2025

200 Million eggs recalled for Salmonella

Dementia cases spiking from flu shots and other medications

Alan Dershowitz on ACLU

NSA wants to have access to all our data

The left still have Trump's assets trying to "impoverish" him, ridiculous


Trump at round table in Florida for businesses

London bans knives

Trump on more crimes of the left - tweet

FCC gets sued over failed Hillary campaign

Comey's ego

great analysis

The Founders weren’t concerned with specific types of weapons, they were concerned with specific types of governments.

Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's client

The reason kids get nut allergy's, they are injected into vaccines, causing reactions and body shock, causing kids to become allergic, very sick plot

Japan prime minister to step down

Google aiding and abetting w/ secret phone ap to hide from authorites

Wow, gov't going after Pruitt and his sound proof room, to protect himself

World's largest advertiser steps down,

NY Sex Trafficking

Lawsuit 84 Million laundered by Hillary to avoid campaign finance laws

On line sales tax goes to Supreme Court

Jerry Brown limiting what National Guard will do is essentially allowing troops to stand around and get paid

Triple blame game, the criminals turn on each other

Gov Cuomo accused of slush fund

Facebook harvesting photos for facial recognition

Decmoratic edge sinking as times goes on this year

Peter John Dalglish
Largest Children's Charites in the world arrested for pedophilia

Drug testing allowed for food stamp recepients

Judge Wood hired an illegal and could not become AG under Bill Clinton

Sean Hannity on Comey Interview

Neil Gorsuch hires native American clerk