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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pharmacy Harmacy - Medicine, Health Healthy Big Pharma Iboprufen Pain Pills - Dangers

Doctors are paid to give drugs to patients, and there is a secret payout court for vaccines gone back, even causing death.

Health Ranger - Natural cures instead of pills

Doctors get paid by the drug companies to use the drugs that they carry, and they do not care what happens to you, they write so many side effects on the bottles, they think they are covered

Dr. Irma Rasmussen is just one of hundreds of thousands of doctors all over that harm their own patients, and never let them live within their own natural bodies.  They always prescribe to people and insist on many annual visits to continue to refill your drug prescriptions, and to change them.

Vaccine dangers all over this page, as well as Agenda 21, with Iboprufan, etc

Vaccine Court - payouts for consequences of vaccines



holistic doctors disappearing



Iboprufan linked to hearing loss

$142 Million paid out in secret vaccine court in 2017

10 year old gets $174,000 after vaccine