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Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 4, 2018

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James Comey pretending he's still in the FBI

LED Lights poisoning us - they are putting them all over the streets

13,605 Sealed Endictments

tweet of sealed endictments

now 18,000 sealed endictments

Trump Tweet

This video has great photos, and this person thinks Trey Gowdy is going to work w/ Mueller,  I disagree, but the video is good and has awesome photos

Judicial weekly update

South Carolina Train Crash  - Wreck  how many of these are there going to be??????

False Flag coming out from the memo coming out, the democrats are losing their minds

She Knew - Hillary did know and did it anyway

Adam Schiff, - losing his mind


Everyone turned off by Superbowl and they are feeling it,

January 23 2018  2 More executives out from sexual harassment

Dan Bongino on the National Anthem

Bongino reveals that McCabe will have to throw Obama under the bus

Rence Preibus states that Trump was not going to fire Mueller

Presidential Speech towards the game


FBI - Superbowl

Players were paid hush money

Boycotting the Superbowl, honoring our heroes

Eagles Win Superbowl

KellyAnne Conway

Roger Goodell's last contract, expires in 2019

Superbowl Security Replaced


Trump was right

Sara Carter

Ex CIA Threatens Trump

DNC is bankrupt

Trump paid more taxes than all of these others

Copy of Mueller Special Counsel investigation related to election of 2016

Human trafficking = 13 arrested back in July but 1 girl brought down so many

Sex Offender released & raped a 13 year old 1 month after release


Grand Jury will be coming soon

Tree of Logic on memo release

Chuck Grassley memo after release asking to investigate Christopher Steele

John McCain trying to pass a plan for DACA but no wall

2006 Article on Adam Schiff = they knew who he was back then, why is he still in power?

Adam Schiff walking the fine line over disclosing classified information


Illegal kills Indiana Colts Player Edwin Jackson

Judicial Watch

Obama's Accomplishments

FOX wins highest State of the Union Address ratings in history

Hoover Dam 58 large safety violations

Steven King's Warning on Obama