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Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 28, 2018 Sunday

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Julian Assange Robert Parry's Died after heart attack in December, covering this type of news it very hard on anyone',  RIP Robert  - Consortium News

Julian Assange on the connections

larger print of this map

The Secret Shadow Government

Obama Lying to Chris Wallace


Tarmac pages released

Taking the focus off the FBI

Michael Horowitz letter

Diane Feinstein - answers to questions, = non answers

Steve Wynn RNC but donated to democrats

 Fox News Bans Steve Wynn

Ex Justice Dept Lawyer tries to sell secret cases

Trump has fixed more in 1 year than Obama did in 8

This DACA girl is going as a guest and wants to become a lawyer, but has 0 concept of actual law, this is why immigration is just frightening, they have truly taken over as though they have more rights than we do, & they act that out in public

James Woods

judge jeanine

Not handing over Comey Or McCabe texts

Michael Flynn in 2015 talking about the global problems

Farmers cannot compete w/ higher minimum wages

Obama paid people to lie, - coming back to bite him now

Whirlpool will add jobs after Tariff being imposed

Build The Wall & Make Drug Traffickers pay for it

Just got this, but it's from last year, still
Pedo judge lowers sentences for sexual favors

Marco Rubio fires Chief Of Staff



Hollywood going back to blacklist again, not changing anything after Harvey Weinstein

Sara Carter


Lindsey Graham  Banned from Immigration discussions

Obama's Cabinet was fixed by Citigroup -- so rigged way back then


Chelsea Clinton - Climate change & women's reproductive systems OMG

Weatherby Gun Manufacturer leaving California

Bohemian Grove Drone Footage

Mayor Del Blasio & bribery?

Joy Villa in her choose life Grammy dress  she's a total fraud

DC Protesters Don't even know what they are protesting