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Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 26, 2018 Friday

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RELEASETHEMEMO = Seth Rich Memory and never forgetting that they killed him for his truth

Sean Hannity January 26, 2018

Superbowl ticket prices plummet,

General Flynn was ambushed & interviewed w/out his lawyer present

We Need to end the witchhunt of the truthtellers and let them live out of fear

Sara Carter

Home Depot Gives $1,000 bonuses

Starbucks giving stock bonuses


Those Waiting in Line to Meet Trump

Words of Praise of Trump's leadership in Davos

Trump's Statesmanship

Trump Speech Davos
Golden State Times on Youtube

Intel - Trump's inferences during speech

Trump's Plan to get people off food stamps and back to work

Whitehouse Trump's New Appointments

They "said" that Soros was in Switzerland,  notice that this video has a plain blue background, none of the logos that are in Trump's videos,  this is a mirage in my opinion, not even real

George Soros in Switzerland,

Soros part 1 (plain blue background)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Q DROP  referring to executive order

CNN Fake News Lying About The President While He is In Davos
Anthony Scaramucci interview

Lying about Melania

The Jordon Peterson Moment
YouTube Channel on Men in Western Times

Did Bill Deblasio Take A Bribe?


Whitehouse posts about Addiction & Withdrawal

Trey Gowdy Exposing the FBI for deleting texts


Obama gave clearances to pedofiles

Congressman will not be running again after sexual harassment claim

Meehan Not Seeking Another term after sexual harassment allegations break

 Hillary kept her own staff violating others & hiding it

Casino Mogel Dozens of sexual harassment claims

Hillary Staffer - sexual predator

Men's Basketball

The Abuse Excuse  - Many predators think they can plead insanity once they are incarcerated

NY Governor proposing to give free tuition to illegals inside his state budget

DOJ Goes after Berkeley

Before It's News - 100% reality in today''s destruction of family and heterosexuals,


Missing Texts incriminate Strzok & Page & Others

3 Life Sentences for starvation case

Guilty Of Murder

Vanity Fair Photoshop Screwup

Melborne Austrialia - Catering to Muslims at the beach

Who exactly prays at a beach?

Firing Mueller

DACA - Amnesty Plan - No Way To Do It

 DACA Dreamers w/ Nancy Pelosi  look at this and make sure you tweet, Build the Wall

Chuck Schumer

Picture of Obama w/ Farakan surfaces

Both Obama & Hillary Camp paid Fusion GPS

All of the criminals lawyering up

Hillary's Future

Hillary Thanks Planned Parenthood Cecil - Twitter responds

Air Force One Refrigerators