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Friday, December 15, 2017

Saturday 12/16/17 Mueller Takedown

Trump - Hollywood - lol

Chips in Credit cards are to track us, of course,

Next 72 Hours

Roy Moore REcount

MLord & God

What will replace the NFL


Whitehouse Leaker  John McCain

Trump Protects the Police

Bye Bye Obama

Trump bans Obama words from CDC - Wondeful

Jeff Flake's Son Indicted on Animal Cruelty

Joe Arpaio

Ending Spying On Private Citizens

Cruise Ship stricken w/ virus
Try to remember they make up fake viruses all of the time, try to scare people,  we never know if this is made up or not

Mass Resignations

Corey Feldman

AT&T & DOJ going to court - monopoly laws

Joe Biden - Obama admin not a hint of scandal  OMG did he just say that?

Canada - Couple Murdered

Connected to Clinton's

Canada murder of 23 year old - 2 found guilty

Mueller Takedown

Exhonerating Hillary Framing Trump

Aaron Zebley

Transitional emails obtained by special counsel



Judicial Watch

Trump Update on Sting Operation

To Mueller - Put Up Or Shut Up on fake investigation

FBI Texts Incriminate the DEPT against Trump

Who Is Lying Here?

The McCain Exit - retiring? cancer? broken foot? stress? can't answer questions?
what is it this week?  where did he get $9 Million from?

Nancy Pelosi caught

Fox Reporting on Mueller this is huge it's the takedown


Adam Schiff At Hillary Book Signing

Tax Cuts

Tax credits for wind & solar power kept in tax plan

Hillary Probe

Sexual Harassment settlement $200K being ignored by MSM

New Federal Attorney for MA

Kid's bath toy causing burns

Diamond & Silk - so cute

death penalty

Massachusetts - Gun Buy Back

Chris Matthews on Hardball - Sexual Harassment

Muslim Compounds

Non Consensual Sex is OK

CA Proposing Money For Illegal Health Care

Trump LOL