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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pedogate - Exposed All Over the Globe


Barney Frank

Larry Nassar - Gymnastics

Uber - Muslim Drivers

US Rep Joe Barton


Nick Carter

The storm is coming

Trump will release names of pedos in Congress


Stephen Speilberg

blackmail on Lolita Express

Hugh Hefner

alex podesta white rabbit

High prostitution areas

innocence lost

Nancy Pelosi into pedogate up to her knees

10 more predators

clones & organic robots in Hollywood & pedogate

David Wilcock on everything including pedogate

Clinton's getting in trouble

political posturing

Sex crimes task force established

Massage chain

Ex Clinton

These photos were sent to me last year, & deleted from the internet on a very satanic party

*************  Sent 11/26 pm

artwork in satanic cult

Harvey Weinstein

Meryl Streep makes statement



live aid concert used to launder money





Matt Lauer

Brian Williams daughter - back in 2015


Deleted Tweet showing Gloria Vanderbilt & the satanic art over her kids' bed
Anderson Cooper


Samantha Fox on David Cassidy

Pedogate PBS

Dan Johnson 1 wk before his wife knew

CNN Producer - sexual harassment

Dustin Hoffman

Wikileaks - John Podesta Emails

Pedogate Pizzagate

Hollywood pedos

Bush Legacy

Bush Blood Line Goes Back in history & past president & England

Sexual Abuse on Boats

Roger Stone Tweet about Pedos

Princess Diana

Student facing prison for rape & 40,000 texts

Bernie Sanders press secretary - arrested facing deportation

Teacher arrested for raping boys in her home

Matt Damon - Minnie Driver  Matt's comments

Mark Halperin MSNBC

Eric Schmidt Stepping Down - Iphones Google HUGE Eric Schmidt tied to Clinton's Playboy, 

Deep State buys property near Playboy Mansion where the tunnels are Eric Schmidt is evil