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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

mueller report

Mueller report        4/19/19

Rueters - full Mueller report

Adam Schiff is out of control, and goes after Trump staff

Jerry Nadler withheld the Mueller letter to mislead the public

Mueller's Dad - woah

Robert Mueller’s father was Head of the Gestapo for Hitler, Heinrich Müller.

Mueller tampers w/ grand jury

Obama spying

FBI texts

Mike Pence

Creepy Comey Tweet

Trump is interviews by Mark Levin

Russian Bot Case goes after Mueller and Barr,%202019%20at%2003:06:06%20PM

FISA court

Rod Rosenstein



Bill Clinton's affair w/ Monica Lewinsky was recorded by Russia and revealed in the unredacted Mueller report

James Clapper knew there was no collusion in 2016

Barr faces criticism

Now they want to grill the witnesses on the fake non crimes & try to set perjury traps

Mark Levin on Mueller report

FBI and medial collusion coming out - consequences for bribery

Trump cleared, indictments are coming

Alan Dershowitz banned from CNN

Go Joe DiGenova

Obama never stopped anything, of course because he was part of trying to take down Trump

Obama unmasking Trump

Obama failed to protect the country

Obama hired Muslims

Judge Jeanine Opening 4/20/19

Dan Bongino  Jessse Waters

FBI agents fed up w/ Comey

Russians have interefered in elections for 90 years

Trump's testimony - why they did not get it

American Intelligence Media

Kremlin - no collusion

The biggest scandal in political history

connecting Obama to the scam

Sean Hannity 4/18/19

Devin Nunes statement

Carter Page


Slams Democrats for doing nothing in 100 days

They sign for articles of impeachment

Jerry Nadler

Rueters - full Mueller report

Gregg Jarrett

Adam Schiff should resign

Brad Parscale


Nancy & Chuck Meltdown

BREAKING: Mueller Report reveals it could find no documentary or other evidence indicating Papadopoulos shared Mifsud's claim that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton in the form of emails with any other Trump campaign official -- the alleged predicate for opening investigation

Toxic media

Michigan  Camel walks inside a store

Cops dancing w/ ISIS


Trump declassifies Comey info