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Friday, March 9, 2018

Eric Wetzel Supreme Judicial Court Boston MA - So Corrupt

Eric Wetzel and the Supreme Judicial Court in Boston are failing the state and the country, as this court was once so highly regarded.

I had to file a writ of mandamus when Framingham District Court would not lawfully move my Liberty Mutual insurance case onto appellate court, despite judicial rulings stating they had to.

When the case was filed in Framingham District Court, Liberty Mutual Insurance, never filed for an appearance, and defaulted themselves.

The Framingham Court was so corrupt, that it actually used the clerk to contact the Liberty Mutual attorney's and file pleadings although they were not lawfully allowed to, and not party to the case.  When it came to the appeal, they defaulted since they did not respond to the appeal and could not, since they would lose their law degrees.

Framingham Court would not assemble the record, since it would reveal their crimes,  people file writs of mandamus so that lower court corruption is diminished at the higher court level, only Framingham Court contacted the Supreme court after the time lapsed and Liberty Mutual also defaulted in Supreme Court, and the same "non-attorneys" tried to file pleadings that were not party to the lower court case, and of course they cannot.

The Supreme Court then refused to issue a default ruling, and remanded it back to Framingham, where it sits today, accruing interest, but has not  been issued a default ruling.  Despite many times the court was served that request, they are so corrupt they refused to even mark it on the docket sheet.


When this court was contacted with the false charge cases and rigged trial, they were also served emergency writs and ignored and denied them, and the case 2 years later still awaiting an insurance ruling was also denied a second time.

This court cannot do this, and has violated the Constitution and Federal law.  The level of corruption in the state is second to none, unless you count California.

At this time, the rigged trial, with so many counts of criminal misconduct on the part of the court and the DA is pending, the Supreme Court needs to end their corruption now that there is a new President and new executive orders to protect against them failing to act, and do their jobs.

Eric Wetzel

Eric Wetzel

Supreme Judicial Court