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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Honoring David Cassidy - Partridge Family

Nov 19, needs a liver transplant

David Cassidy Photos

I was such a huge fan all of my life,  I know that this life of a star is so difficult, and has so many hidden obstacles.

He has a heart of gold

Stardom is a hard job, and people don't realize it's far from all glamorous, David Cassidy only played this role for a job, and it turned into a show, and part of our musical history.  The price of fame takes a toll on people, and it was so wonderful to see David create a private life, and move away from the spotlight.

It's so difficult to separate the character, from the person underneath, but he managed to do that, and walk away from fame.

The whole country loved all of that music, and the show, and the idea of the talented family trying to work on getting along as siblings.

David Cassidy passed on 11/21/17

We love our memories of all of it.  My Friday night's were made, because I would go to school, and get to come home, and wait for Partridge Family to come on, and we all watched it.

David's Songs

I'm On My Way Back Home