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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wed May 23, 2018

Hummus Tweet

Trump Pardons Arthur Jack Johnson

Liberal Judge

Twitter first amendment ruling for President Trump

DOJ going to appeal

Anti Trump Judge

Wikileaks silenced as he was working on discovering UK involvement in Trump Scandal

Maryland teenager murders a cop

Dancing w/ the Stars

IG report

Sen Warren on abortion  -

Right to Try bill

Mueller probe unconstitutional

Mueller trying to evade speedy trial, asks for 2nd delay

Honest FBI wants to testify against the deep state

Informant interviewed and they did not even take notes

Democrats philosophy

Sean Hannity beats Rush Limbaugh


Mark Zuckerberg lying to Nigel Farage etc

Ebola outbreak

Tony Podesta

5 G Lamps causing insomnia, still births etc

Nexflix Online boycott 3000 an hour

Netflix Stock

Dodd Frank Repeal

Jared Kushner gets full security clearance

Mueller sentencing Padapolous

Michael Bloomberg - craziest speech I ever heard, taxing the poor

Harvesting body parts

Facebook seeking nude photos

Targeting people's emotions after gun violence

Guy Who won't move out of his parents house

Court seals documents in James DaMore Case

Rush - Sally Yates Ordered Rosenstein to shut down Clinton case

Overtime - LA Fireman

Candace Owens  - Nancy Pelosi & MS13 = the Democrats

Trump slaps tariff on auto imports

FBI Civil war brewing - agents want to testify against Comey

Democrats introduce a bill to repeal Trumps tax cuts

Allison Mack

Still fighting to end DACA

Netflix boycott

Conspiracy Theory