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Friday, May 25, 2018

May 26, 2018 Saturday

Harvey Weinstein released on 1 Million bond, can't leave NY or CT, surrenders passport

State Dept employee pleads guilty to stealing federal funds

Trump on Firing James Comey

RNC Chair writes to Twitter and Facebook

Stockton CA raped a 5 year old gets 90 days, & house arrest 

James Woods on Harvey Arrest

Sophia says humans will marry androids by 2045

1987 Murder - pro wrestler confesses they killed them because they say drugs being smuggled 

FBI agent ready to testify against Crooked Hillary 

 Amazon Alexa - James Munder

Federal agency lost track of 1500 children  - pedogate

Fiat Chrysler donot use cruise control huge recalls

Right to Kneel protestors

USC President steps down amid sick sex scandal

Chris Christie hides documents between him and Kushner

Homeland Security issues worker visas to keep companies going

RINO republicans siding w/ democrats secretly meeting

Alabama pedogate - huge bust on 1 guy over 6,000 charges on him

Trump to Hillary - you'd be in jail  debate 2016

Julian Assange petitionn for June 19

Unsealed Indictment

Judicial Watch - obtained direct orders to disobey Trump's travel ban order
Sally Yates, Rosenstein WOW 

Justice Kennedy - may step down 

 Massachusetts Boston Common - Veterans Day 

Making fun of the democrats  LMAO

Human trafficking notable arrests, and rescues

Lindsey Graham on Judge Jeanine

Julian Assange will meet w/ Adam Schiff