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The truth never changes, lies always do

Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 27, 2018 Sunday

Obama placed children w/ human traffickers

Obama sent Guatemalan children to Ohio egg farm #Pedogate

Planned parenthood freaking over TRump

187 Groups funded by George Soros

Ivanka will campaign for Devin Nunes - this is huge

A new special counsel to investigate FBI and FISA abuse

17 Hostages released since Trump took office

Airline Baggage Fees

Over 6,000 March to Free Tommy Robinson

Julian Assange

Crowd boos at sotfball game w/out anthem, sings their own

Tommy Robinson - Contempt of Court Ruling

British press scrubs out Tommy's arrest

Tommy Robinson address and legal fund

PA - Booms across trigger FBI probe

Union leaders upset over Trump's ruling of federal staff unerperformance

Reagan talking about losing our freedom

Spy Definition = Google

Trump's Executive Order - speed up the firing of poor performing federal workers

Testing baby kittens

Singing rally over abortions
can't even believe my eyes

The dummies guide to Russian Hoax - Zero Hedge

James Woods on Donald Trump's power - he blocks out the sun

Donald Trump dominates our attention universe to the point where he blocks out the sun. Is it any wonder that people don’t have any idea what Democrats stand for?” We have a very clear idea what stand for: higher taxes, illegals, & free crap.

Slander destroys, Trump comments on Russia probe

April Ryan - accusing Trump of  pedogate

Maryland Massive Flooding

Hiring Obama into Netflix

Man Singing Proud To Be An American

Kathleen Kane PA stands guilty of perjury etc = court upheld verdict

Shattered by Matt DeHart - Julian Assange

Obama spying