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The truth never changes, lies always do

Thursday, May 24, 2018

May 25, 2018 Friday

Democrats using Drain the swamp

Broward county sheriff's son - sex scandal covered up 

Roger Stone sought damaging info from Wikileaks on Hillary 

Trump's lawyers nearly reached a deal in January w/ Mueller

Feds broke the law to stop Trump from winning

FBI going to testify in June On Hillary scandal 

Most Expensive Divorces

Military Parade

Newt Gingrich - Obama people are going to jail

Clapper & Yates under oath w/ Chuck Grassley

Sara Sanders  Sylverster Stalone

Woody Allen

Rigged Capital Police gave evidence to Awan's Atty vs Prosecutors

Mistaken Identity

Prison Reform - first step act

Household income under Trump

The right now controls the CIA

North Korean Statement

Alan Dershowitz on N. Korea

Amazon - Alexa records without your knowledge or permission

Peter Strzok message - Obama running Whitehouse investigation

Hillary laundered $84 million - lawsuit filed in April

Obama - Netflix my two dads

Leo Greenwald Proud To Be An American

Andrew McCabe hid a $70,000 table from Congress

Nebraska Fentinil seized

Losing track of Immigrant children

Seth Rich murder cover up going on in his own family

Tempatrantrum inside grocery store

Kayne West on the addiction created & addiction to our cell phones

President Trump E/O on poorly performing civil servants

Trump makes it easier to fire federal employees

Federal employee firing based on poor performance

Holder tells DOJ to ignore Trump

Hillary wants to be CEO of Facebook

Publix suspends political contributions to Parkland

public die in at Publix

No amount of bacon, sausage or beer is safe, wow,

Tommy Robinson arrested inUK for filming trial of muslim rape

K=9 Officer funeral - police support

man contaminated Idaho drinking water

Donald Trump Jr warnings OMG really?

Walmart trade in program

Paul Ryan's amnesty deal???

President Trump shakes 1000 hands of graduates

Congress bill for 2nd counsel