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Monday, February 12, 2018

Judge William Young US District Court Boston MA

Judge William Young is a criminal, and he is so corrupt and disgusting.

Master manipulator, he abuses his power and court, and tries to bully victims when they appear before him.

My case was put into his court, and he stated that my case against Marriott had more than $75,000 worth of damages and that I should leave it in his hands, I trusted him, and he abused that trust.

When Marriott defaulted, and never filed a response once served, Judge Young must have done something w/ them, he said at the next hearing, that I should not "bother" the Marriott????


And he unlawfully dismissed the defaulted case, rather than issue a default ruling.

He then was unhappy when I used my Constitutional rights and told, and put it on the internet.  He worked with the FBI, to file false charges against me, saying I was impeding justice, when that was what he was doing.

He had FBI come and arrest me, not even sure if they had a warrant, they never showed me anything, just took me and held me for 80 hours in a federal jail somewhere.

I knew if I fought for my money and my case, I would be killed.

So I withdrew my appeal, but they still came after me, and tried to find any way they could to give me a false criminal record, when I had never committed a crime, just to retaliate.

Judge Young is a predator, and very corrupt, and I would love to know of his other victims, as I was clearly not the first one.

Public Defender

They tried to force me to plead to a crime that never happened, in order to give me a record, I did not.
Once I was falsely charged, they gave me a public defender, who is really a criminal, trying to force you to pay money into the state for your freedom, even when innocent.

Don't ever trust your public defender.

Mine was a nutcase.  She tried to bully me into a plea, called me several times a day, made a bunch of money for herself, constantly wanted to see me, did not help me, and was trying to find something to blackmail me with.

She asked for my mom's maiden name after I was locked up for 80 hours, so they could spy on my record and have that name to look up things they had no right to look up.

They tried to bully my family, get names and numbers of relatives I did not give them anything.  When people were trying to get me on TV and cable shows to tell my story and what they did, she wanted names.

I had also hired a private investigator, she tried to get that name, I did not give it.

They contacted my ex-husband and asked if he would testify against me, he told them no.

They also stole my DNA, and I had no idea that I could refuse.  Do not let anyone steal your DNA

Miriam is a liar, and con, and tried to even get my protected medical records, just so she could find anything private that would be a bargaining chip.  I did not sign for that.  But she conned me into signing something that gave her some authority, and she put a "hit" on my medical record.

I had live 18 years in one town, and they started treating me differently after she had that access, and also asking me for urine tests.  I gave the first couple but then I knew it was a trick, and I feared them switching my urine for someone else's just to say I was using drugs when I do not.  Do not SIGN anything for her, it's a setup.

She did not even have my best interests at heart, she is so disgusting.  One time when I was falling apart over the fake charges, the lies, and the blackmail they were doing, I started to have trouble breathing.  Inside the ER, she was yelling at me, and screaming, and the doctor told me to hang up on her, and I had to.  She was just insane.

After 30 some odd days, the fake charges were dropped, and she even lied in my paperwork, saying they might add some more.  They could not, that is called double jeopardy.  She was just paying herself gov't money and cost that state for that whole wasted fake charge, and if left up to her, she would have kept it going, because that's how she makes her money, having cases go on and on.