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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Judge Brendermuehl - Framingham District Court Corrupt Judge

Judge Brendermuehl is a corrupt and sinister cruel and in my opinion mentally disturbed judge.

She is so criminal that she destroyed the court transcript of her December 2014 crimes upon me, and she is very hateful, and bias against women.

She sought that day to "find me incompetent" as I had been drugged.  If that is true, then a judge cannot hold a hearing on charges, but this judge did both.

So while I had been drugged to hide the truth I was telling about the crimes of the state, the state worked overtime trying to destroy my life, and take away my freedom.

I am not the only victim of state crimes this is what they do.

So on this day in December 2014, when the judge found me incompetent, and I had called the police against my ex neighbor abusing his kids and doing drugs, Judge Brendermuehl used that neighbor, to REVERSE the actual events, and seize that as an opportunity to issue a false harassment order.  I did not have any contact w/ this ex-neighbor for more than a year.  He was dating a girl from the court and they were doing drugs.  I did not want any part of it, and disconnected from them both.

Since the order was only implemented that day by that judge, it was not ever served, as she ordered me to go into the hospital, where they drugged me some more.

On a 3 day hold, I was kept over 21 days, missing all holidays with my dying father.  I had to call 911, and Dr. Phil to get out.

The Commonwealth of MA was abusing many victims in this way, drugging people, lying about them, and giving them false diagnoses on their medical records to abuse them with.

But, for a 258E order for harassment to be valid, and allowed, it has to have 3 instances of harassment, since this was made up that day, it only contained 1 instance, and was never served.
That means that by law, it has to be dismissed.

I fled out of this community, since what they tried to do with my ex- neighbor was have me arrested for walking to my car in my own driveway.  That was the point of why they issued it, they were trying to punish me for telling the truth about the crimes of the corrupt courts, the cops, the dirty government, and all of their guilt.

They actually used a court clerk to perjure himself under oath and say they served it, when it was never served, and I have that perjured testimony, and I reported it, but no one in this state will investigate it all of the way up to the high people in the FBI.

Judge Brendermuehl faced me in one of the many hearings I set up to have this dismissed after I moved, and she knew her own crimes in issuing this order, as I told her on the record all about them, and she still refused to right her wrongs and dismiss this order.

The Commonwealth committed more than 150 - 175 crimes to try to give me a false record, just for being honest and good, and they were not.  And since they were also all guilty of insurance fraud and got exposed for it, they did this and are still doing this out of revenge

The Clerk of Courts has never served this order, nor any of the continued renewals, and Judge Stoddard had an order of dismissing it in January 2016, and they renewed it until 2018.

Since the court destroyed the original record of the hearing with her crimes on it, and the fact that she heard the fake charges while she declared me "incoherent" she destroyed the transcript to hide her crimes, but they cannot have it both ways and they are.

They all become party to this unlawful, unserved order and the perjury of a court clerk, and the fact that John DeLuca did not appear under subpoeana because he would have had to perjure himself or confess to all of the above and the insurance case, and so he did not appear.
Link about Judge Cunis by someone other than me.  He is a very creepy Judge

Judge Cunis, a newer judge to Framingham District Court conspired and committed insurance fraud, and was demeaning and abusive when I won this case by default.

Judge Cunis engaged with John DeLuca, and Deborah Clay to contact Prince Lobel Attorney's Daniel Tighe, and Tomas Sutcliffe, and had them "file pleadings" after the default, and pretend to be attorney's on the case.

Judge Cunis, abused his power, and conspired in insurance fraud, and still is.

Judge Cunis, engaged in tampering with the court record, instructing Debborah Clay to tamper with the record, contact parties that were not lawfully allowed to be on the case, and conspired with them all to not pay out personal injury money after an auto accident.

Judge Cunis is vile to women, and victims, and tried to put down my pro-se status in court, while Liberty Mutual, had lawyers and defaulted.  Really?  Yes, really.

Judges are not supposed to conspire to commit crimes with court clerks, but this judge does

As Clerk of Courts, John DeLuca's Job is to assemble the record on appeal, only John DeLuca did not do that, instead he is still sitting on a case that needs to go on appeal since 2015 for Liberty Mutual, who defaulted and never filed for an appearance.

Judge Cunis unlawfully dismissed the case, only after contacting Liberty Mutual Attorney's and having them appear for multiple hearings.  However, those same attorney's did not file briefs on appeal since they were not party to the case.  John DeLuca still refused to let the case properly and lawfully go on appeal, so that the appellate court, would issue a ruling in the my favor.

Insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud have happened and is still happening as John DeLuca still refuses to assemble the record.

Judge Stoddard, in 2015, stated that this case needed to go on appeal.  It actually needed a default ruling, since the other side did not file any paperwork, but this court tried to make sure I was never awarded any lawful money that I was due.

Request for a default Rulings one of many that were sent to the court, served to them, and filed, they never entered them, put them on the docket sheet, nor scheduled a hearing

The driver that hit me was on the cell phone when she smashed into my car, and injured my neck and back

damage to the rear of my car

Request for a default ruling

I had to file a case with the Supreme Court by writ of mandamus, to pull this out of Framingham, since they were so criminal, and so bias.  Once the lawful time lapsed in Supreme Court, and Liberty Mutual did not file any response,  I sought a default ruling

John DeLuca, and the Supreme Court Clerk's colluded together to have the same law firm, Prince Lobel file pleadings against the default ruling, when they were not party to the case.

Supreme Court, refused to issue the default ruling, becoming conspirators to insurance fraud, and sent it back to the District Court.  Legally, they cannot do this, but they did this to me.

After it was returned to Framingham Court, I filed Paperwork for default rulings in 2016, and 2017, and the court would not docket them, nor schedule a hearing.

Thomas Sutcliffe of Prince Lobel law firm needs to lose his law degree for insurance fraud

Daniel Thighe also filed fraudulent paperwork as he was not a lawyer on the case either.

Both of them filed pleadings, sent emails, appeared in court, argued motions, but were not party to the case, they both filed answers to the Writ of Mandamus when they were not party to the case.

Request filed for double default

Kathleen Michaud, the Liberty Mutual Claims manager conspires with all of the above to commit insurance fraud, and not pay out claims.

JOHN DELUCA was subpoenaed to a court trail in May 2017, and did not appear.  He needs a warrant out for his arrest, for not appearing to testify.

My cases were moved out of Framingham District Court for conflict, because the daughter of a court clerk dates my ex neighbor, who is a drug dealer.

Framingham Court refused to move my false unserved harassment order, instituted by this court, but never served out of this court where it would lawfully be dismissed.  This court is holding that unlawful order as a blackmail, to a state that I moved out of in 2015, and no longer reside.

This fake order was instituted by Judge Brendermuehl, not their witness, and that is why they destroyed the court transcript and record, to hide those crimes of the judge.

Once the exculpatory evidence is destroyed, the case is dismissed, but this court and John DeLuca abuse their power to seek revenge on innocent people.

John DeLuca is the boss of Debborah Clay and to not collude with her, but have her do her job.

Deborah Clay, a Framingham MA Distrct Court Clerk has committed crimes and still is.

Deborah's job is to intake pleadings, file them, put them on the docket sheet, and schedule hearings before district judges.

Deborah Clay does not do that, has tampered with the docket sheet, and refused to serve lawful court paperwork, court notices, she has failed to serve out notifications on renewals of civil cases and other documents.

Tampering with the docket sheet is a huge crime.

The Clerk's office in Framingham has tampered with court transcripts and it is unknown which clerks have conspired and deleted court hearings, that were recorded, to hide the crimes on the court.

Deborah Clay has contacted Liberty Mutual attorney's that were not party to a civil case, asked them to sign on once Liberty Mutual defaulted, had them file pleadings, and hold hearings, which is against the law.

Court clerks do not contact the other party and ask them to appear, when parties default on court appearances, the JUDGE is supposed to issue a default ruling.  In Framingham Court, however, this office, and Deborah Clay called and contacted the other side after default in order to rig the case, and not issue a default ruling.  This case is still pending.

Deborah Clay has all current addresses for a civil case, and has failed to serve a single document since 2015 and 2016, and she has received documents to schedule a request for a default ruling which she has not scheduled for a hearing, marked on the docket sheet, and she has refused to do her job.

Deborah Clay has lied to citizens that have called up while asking why no default ruling has ever been issued, and needs to be, and told callers, that the "lawyers" need to be contacted.  There are no lawyers on the Liberty Mutual side, they defaulted and no one filed for an appearance, Deborah Clay is lying to the public on this case.