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Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 12, 2018

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Olympics Skater gets bronze medal for triple

True Lies

Comey's Assistant leaves the FBI

Nunes Investigating Brennan for perjury now

Disney Theme Parks Raise Their Prices

2nd jail being prepared because GITMO is getting full

Russia Plane Crash

RT Showing rescue and search

Police retiring after 9 years

4 Anti Trump Dossiers

Minnesota Having Elections today - Vote Republican

Retired Government Salaries

Investigation the Donations into Clinton Foundation

Sex Offender being re-elected

Lying about white people on MSNBC

CNN = Communist News Network

America Finally turns on Obama after the wiretapping comes out,

Julian's Hearing is on Tuesday at 2:00

Presidential documents
from 2009  under Obama

Mandatory sexual harassment training

Donald Trump Junior and his wife = white envelope of powder, she was rushed to the hospital

Breitbart, Vanessa in the ER, just to make sure she's OK

Prince Harry Inviting the Obamas to his wedding

The Book of Q

Ivanka Trump once considered for Nicki Haley's job

Marblehead MA Hockey Coach indicted for raping a child

Russia  Plane Crash - why I don't believe that story

Weiner Reveals the traitors

Facebook's new down vote button

Whoopi Judging Mike Pence OMG

Las Vegas Shooter - Time of death does not match crime

Las Vegas Massacre - Stephen paddock autopsy shows he died the next day



CNN to layoff 50 top positions

OxFam Deputy Chief

Food Merger

Ugly Portraits


49ers - Domestic Abuse

Mueller team member corrupt

ICE issues detainers for all illegals who decapitated a woman

April La June