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Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 11, 2018

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Health Ranger
Processed foods laced w/ weed killer

Helicopter Crash Grand Canyon at least 7 died

Grand Canyon over 750 deaths since 1800's

Papillon Helicopters

2 FBI Agents stepped down after memo comes out

2 Ohio Policemen Shot

 6 cops shot in 24 hours

Intel Drone at the Olympics

Peeling back the layers of Hillary's deceit

Brennan, Comey

Sex Abuse In The Workplace

Clinton's Dirty Blood Scam

Trey Gowdy thinks he was not good in Congress

6 cops shot in 24 hours

Railroad Agency Chief Resigns

Q QANON  FBI Baby Sales

Banning Wood Stoves - EPA Saying they are dangerous,  I am wondering if they are lying, because they want people to spend money on oil or gas, I dont' trust anyone, with these stories

John Kerry

Corruption to cover Netanyahu

Judge Jeanine on the democratic memo - Maxine Waters

Hidden redacted salaries the the federal government hid

Church not tipping on $700 order of take-out

36 Indicted in Cyber Crimes fraud - huge indictments

Everyone knows I don't like swears, but sometimes it's appropriate, LOL

Tweet thanking the Q team - interesting?

Law and order party - over memo

DACA Dreamer wanted for murder in Texas

The Women In The Trump Administration So Far - 1st year

Is Carter Page An FBI Informant?

Adam Schiff tamtrum

You Are Free TV New Video

Kim.Com and the seizure of his assets