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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Pedogate 6

Killuminati  - JM Talboo
my partner

The sick world of child trafficking and abuse of babies

Oregon Man Arrested over raping 2 14 year old girls

NY Cop Being Probed for Sex w/ Minor kills himself in the parking lot

The Sex Trafficking insdusty over 1 Billion a year

14 Year old faces prison and likely a sex offender registry for sending on snapchat explicit sex photos

Wardrobe choices get blamed for sexual harassment

CNBC Director arrested for spying on Nanny in the bathroom

44 yr old teacher having sex w/ 13 year old son in car

Pedogate Take Down = Liz Crokin

High Levels getting arrested

Priest Murdered after he raped 30 children

Police bust Amazon & Microsoft sex trafficking

Ex Director of Planned Parenthood
running a satanic cult there

Al Gore