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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Corey - How To Continue Your Campaign

Video for you on phase 2 of your campaign and how to continue it if you want

Increase in child sex abuse cases, that is why this project is so huge, people are not brave enough to come forward in the way Corey is, it's a major nationwide & worldwide crime

Corey, these are ideas with the people you have in your team already and how to keep money coming into the project.  I hope they help  they are ideas

On Go Fund Me,  you can change your account name for the security payroll and  call it that Security Payroll & make a video to explain.  So people know it helps keep you safe w/ your private security.

Then you can sStart a second go fund me account, that is after Ingeidgo expires and call it Movie Fund Money (or whatever you like) continued, or phase 2  and this has no time limit and you can keep it going & put the money towards the movie.

Make sure you tell people that once that campaign is done,on Indiego  you have continued the move fund onto Go Fund Me

Other ideas for making money

You and your wife and close circle of family can auction yourselves off for a luncheon or two in a restaurant.  You can do this several ways, you can do an auction on your own YouTube site, or maybe even on Ebay, and give a signed photo of your family from the lunch, and maybe do that one or two times

I recommend not doing anything alone, or without your security, so figure out the cost of lunch plus security coverage as a starting bid, and then let people bid that up

Other ideas,  with your T Shirt girl that you have,  why not take a photo w/ you and Dr. Oz, and autograph it together and auction off copies of that,

Your Tshirt girl can put that photo on Tshirts for sale

You can sell those on Ebay and auction those off and that keeps new money coming in and a whole new crowd

You could ask a few people you know to donate items they have or autograph other items and sell those also

Even though this is a project, everyone should be having a piece of fun, and finding a way to not make this so stressful.  You all have a right to enjoy moments of all of this, and be not living in fear and being afraid of how to survive and live.  It's when the hard times come, that we figure out how to prosper despite the obstacles and the way it was in the past.

I see Corey as very good in business, with a mathematical mind, and can get to a certain level and then find the backers to add to it.

I think when you have a campaign, even when the Indeigo one ends, you need to continue w/ a 2nd one, so you don't lose new people that just hear about it.

Then go to YouTube, where you made that first video, and tell people with a link to each thing you are doing, so they know that donate here ____________  goes to security,  donate here goes to the movie __________

here is the auction link ___________

You might even be able to pull off a New Year's raffle date w/ all of you, just something at a local restaurant and fun, and to celebrate.

Always be careful, and always have someone to protect you, I would not appear alone, or auction off yourself alone, that spells nightmare, but always stay in a group, and be protected.

If you have other celebrities that can sign or donate anything, don't be afraid to ask, and tell them it's for this cause, more and more people will be able to support it as times goes on.

People need to get relaxed a bit & find relief from the trolls and hard times, and take all of the fear factor off.  All of you need to just be able to live a little more each day without feeling so afraid and I know it takes time.

You are really surrounded by people that love you, and I disagree that you are alone.  At times, we all can feel alone, but in those times is when we also see who is there for us.  I see clearly the team you have, and that everyone is a little shaken and fragile as anyone would be after being scared or facing anything frightening.  You have such a caring group of people, that have been shaken and are not used to being so public, and so just be careful.

Ignore the trolls and no one should respond to them.  They are looking for a way to cause mayhem, hatred and make you all fall apart, you have to stay strong, and just close them off. I never listen to it, or listen to someone who wants to present me or anyone with 1 side, there are always many sides to things, and the best thing is not to judge.

All of your time should be spent, on positive things, and not wasting any time on additional stress.  Good always wins over evil.   You will find more and more support

I urge all of you to be really careful about people that you let in.  Bonding with people and trusting them takes time, and should not be done quickly.  People have to earn trust, and all people have to have genuine motives, and the best interests of all of you at heart.  This is a whole group, and like anything, it takes finding the right mix, and only hire people that accept things as they have been set up, and that they don't try to take over, or dominate, they need to blend, and let you lead.

There is a way to set up your packages that you ship with signatures, and even though you pay for that, you want to do it to protect yourself, some people may say they never got it, just to get another one, huge scam on internet shopping.  So make sure they sign for it.  And you can set up a USPS site on line, and on Ebay, so that is very easy to click signature required.

Good Luck, and to everyone, enjoy Christmas, and certainly make New Year's Wishes for all of you, and my wish for you is that you get to this movie, that all of you know that you are safe and strong, and that you deserve to live out of fear, and just resume as peaceful lives as you choose.

Corey & his wife fighting pedophilia all by themselves