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Friday, December 22, 2017

December 23, 2017 Saturday


CNN releases UFO Photo is that to distract the arrests?

Q QAnon Moving Fast

Greg Jarrett Fox News

ByeBye McCabe - going to retire

President Trump on McCabe

Democrats trying to destroy the construction of the wall

Trump makes weapons deal w/ Ukraine

Sick Child Trafficking - read

Virginia Man Behind $20 H1-B  Visa Fraud Scam faces deportation after prison

Las Vegas Investigation due by October 2018

Pinko Ex CIA - Wanted to Overthrow the Gov't

Slate Magazine News

Trump Official Trying to Block Rape of Illegal - This is so important, we need to end abortions and end paying for the ones that are from illegals

Democrat still opposing Trump No matter what

Fusion GPS Founder Bragged on Facebook

Trump Deployed Military On Obama Drug Ring

They Beat Up A Salvation Army Bell Ringer For Saying Merry Christmas


JOY Villa violated FCC Laws & is in trouble - final takedown of her

Oops, Looky here, the serial offender of sexual harassment claims

Joy Villa now saying Trump Staffer Corey Lewandowski touched her butt

Account Suspended for defending Corey on this story

Operation Snow White - Scientology  Joy Villa

Joy Villa waits until Dec 24, to file assault claim (after the pressure mounts)

Real assault victims going after Joy, I have no idea why she is being so focused on, maybe to hide the take down?  But real assaulted victims are going after her on twitter, everyone knows she is lying

Joy Villa seems to have given away a child without the Daddy's consent

Joy Villa buying fake followers as everyone is using hashtag unfollow Joy

Joy Villa drinking & hitting some man on his butt - ouch

Top Conspiracy Theory

Ascension w/ Mother Earth

Obama - caught in more illicit acts

Maroon 5 Manager Dead at 40

Supreme Court is Fed Up w/ Lower Courts that don't do their jobs

Resignation linked to Trump's Executive Order

Eric Schmidt & The Takeover

Justin Trudeau violating ethics laws

Court Enforcing the law in regards to DACA