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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Monday December 18, 2017

Congress hard at work

John McCain Returns home

Build The Wall - No DACA

Lisa Bloom

Trey Gowdy how come there are 2 sets of rules?  We can't run a country this way

Linda Sarsour

Putin Thanks Trump

Doug Jones & Mitch McConnel

Steve Bannon in Japan fighting China

Fired For Sexual Harassment

Debbie Wasserman had the Awan Brothers run the USA gov't from Pakistan several months a year

Sweden raises retirement age to pay for illegals

Chester Bennington Suicide

Obama library raided to get documents Obama hid - QAnon Q

Wikileaks - John Podesta Emails

Julian Assange Tweet

Batman = anti Trump but it backfirees

Sara Palin's Son

Murder conviction of beauty queen

Could Mueller be out by Christmas?

Maxine Waters Charges on 3 Counts

Fox News Tweeting to Gregg Jarrett

Comey sold his soul to the devil

FCC Ending Net Nuetrality saves the internet - does not destroy it


Updated Twitter Rules

Twitter is the cause of the problem

Hidden Pictures found at the Vatican

Judicial Watch Sues California over Rigged Voting Booths

Texas Murder of Wife

No reason for power outage

Train Deralied

John Skipper Resigns

Benjamim Fulford

This report says Obama is hiding in England

Trump banned from London after truthful tweets

UN Nicki Haley

Nicki Haley - On where we put our own embassy

Twitter Block Lists


Antifa is said to have poured concrete over the train tracks

Antifa Mike Cernovich

Anarchists Brag - sick world of terrorists

Amtrack Train Crash - Cement on Tracks

Antifa posted about pouring cement on their blog


Mueller - James Woods

John Travolta in Saudi Arabia

John Travolta - Sexual Harassment

Scientology - John Travolta's Nephew

Exposure of BLM in Bundy Trial

Corey Haim tape & his rapist might be revealed

Corey Haim

Teen accuses X=Man Director of abuse

Jill Stein being investigated - finally

DOW rises 5,000 points in a year under Trump

Anthony Scaramucci on Fox

MA  Massachusetts - Senator Bryan Joyce pleads not guilty

OMG - Now they don't want Franken to Resign - Daily Caller

David Seaman on Blackout & Q

Fushion GPS sued over Dossier

All Eyes on Adam Schiff

Life News on Abortions

New Brunswick Couple has to be separated after 69 years of marriage

Travis Smiley

DACA  no action until next year


Testimony delayed while Bruce Orr documents being looked at

Giving to Children