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Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 30, Friday 2018

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 Bruce Springsteen - Trapped


Pray for our President  - it's an impossible job

Trump had to undo this

Nicki Haley pulls funding on UN - needs more reduction

Jim Carey's over the top insane picture of Trump's kids - wow, 

Will the Roseanne Success bring back Last Man Standing? 

CDC - Center for Disease Control delays autism report

 MSM Bullying John Bolton - WOW 

 Justice Dept w// be probed over surveillance of Carter Page 

 McCabe wants public to pay for his defense????  How crazy is that? 

Basically , the Pope who funds Georgetown University is suing Alex Jones

 Whistleblower killed from Cambridge Analytica after stating that Facebook was spying on all of us 

 Real Video - new platform

Facebook frightening truth - growth at any cost, even if someone dies 

 Smallville girls were used to recruit people in sex trafficking

Texas woman gets 5 years for voting while having a criminal record

ICE Arrests more than 20 more in sting in FL

 California Tricking Voters - Beware

Dangerous school staff threatening to kill white people

 Stephen Reinhardt - Liberal Judge appointed by Jimmy Carter dies at 87
9th circuit court

Brands to boycott from Laura Ingraham tweet on David Hogg

 Conservatives need to fight back & boycott the companies who pulled their ads on Laura Ingraham after David Hogg cried like a sissy. Here is the list so far. 1. Nutrish 2. Trip Advisor 3. Waywair Inc. 4. Hulu 5. Nestle 6. Expedia 7. JoS. A. Bank 8. Johnson & Johnson

Mom kills her children and CPS did not protect them

Trip Advisor, one of those pulling ads from Fox, in trouble w/ signs of hiding rape & other crimes


Pakistan orders rape of sister who was raped,  what?????  This is how sick these cults are, I cannot imagine 

No jail time for illegal rape of a 5 year old 

Facebook backlash

The perfect storm for Facebook demise, they played both sides, they screwed both sides, now they lose it all

Japan being urged to release radio active water into the ocean - wow 

Devin Nunes on the crimes of the left 

Time Magazine does a creepy Jeff Sessions cover -

Californians, have cancer warnings on coffee due to added ingredient found to cause cancer
includes Starbucks

IRS Audits

Testing Bottled water, wow, watch this video

Vatican ceiling pieces fall down, as Pope says Hell does not exist

Sweden legalizes Marriage of children in the name of Islam  WOW

Wow, amazing analysis to Parkland shooting from Planned Parenthood numbers

Brown University's Offer to DACA students

Facebook's favors to Obama - violated federal law

Facebook - linked to terror, of course they are

RFID Chips - disgusting, but was part of NWO plan

Nestle Water wants to buy water rights - & they contaminate water

 Stormy Daniels is lying

Obama would want all of us banned from social media, anyone corrupt would
Ecuador censoring of Julian, statement in another language

FBI shows discrepancy between McCabe & Comey testimony

Whitehouse - Trump's Easter Speech

Melania giving out Easter presents - priceless

Jerry Brown pardons 5 ex-cons from facing deportation

Trump - We are pulling out of Syria

Pulse nightclub not guilty

Dad interrupts marriage proposal

Anonymous donor gives millions to planned parenthood

Cost per state of illegal immigration

EPA Chief spent $50 a nite in DC w/ lobbyist

FBI Raids Home Connected to Clinton Sex Trafficking

Disconnecting Julian is unlawful, even in Ecuador this is a disgrace

Internet Bill of rights deleting signatures and they have been

Man w/ kidney problem gets a response from Trump and a go fund me set up

Cops lie in fatal shooting - Sacramento

John Goodman - admits was drinking,  so brave

Now 380 Sheriff's in 40 states support the wall and Trump

Nancy Pelosi's district - conditions of a dump

McCabe Go Fund Me

Trump freezes funds to Syria, which Tillerson had approved

Trying to get high of anti diarrhea drugs - wow,  so tragic,

Sexual Assault awareness month

What Does It Mean . com
Massachusetts Assassins tried to poison anti rally group 

Deep State + Anti Gun Rally - Infecting people on purpose w/ flu virus

Auto pilot in Tesla crash

Slap the Cuffs on Andy - sending handcuffs to the gov't

Ivanka Trump meets w/ trafficking victims in Rome

McCabe the Panhandler


Human Trafficking Data Base Arrests
Trafficking arrests under Obama vs Trump

Dennis Rodman tweet w/ Kim (China) wearing a trump hat

Synthetic Pot - DANGERS