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Thursday, March 29, 2018

HireCentrix - Actually Don't HireCentrix They Don't Know Their Own Line of Work

Hire Centrex is so desperate to get business, they don't even put out a truthful narrative.

They titled an article how not to win your employment case, and used my case as an example

They slandered my name and did not even do research.

So how do you hire an inept company that doesn't get the facts?

So let me help these derelicts out.

I sued Marriott and won money in a sealed case for back wages.  It was not enough to begin with, the court was already rigged by Marriott and did not allow me the compensation that I deserved.

I was underpaid and ripped off in that settlement and the lawyer Seafarth Shaw, got in trouble.  I then filed the sexual harassment case I tried to keep out of court and never wanted to pursue.

In that case, I WON it, $4.5 Million dollars.  Judge Young dismissed that case, even though Seafarth Shaw defaulted their own client.

Judge Young, humiliated and embarrassed that I exposed his corrupt agenda, possibly he's part of SES, Senior Executive Services, whatever the reason, he invented fake charges and tried to scare me to death by locking me up in order to silence me, and not pursue my appeal.

My false charges were dismissed, and I withdrew my appeal, but they never stopped coming after me for 5 years.

The blackmail continued, and then you get morons like Hire Centrex, that are too stupid to do any research or fact check, and they put out a slanderous. libelous, defamatory false narrative in order to try to gain clients, and instead, they should actually alert you, to how inept they are and you are better off not using their services.

And if you do use them, they don't hold themselves accountable for their own narrative.

If you need any details, or public information, just ask me, I have it all in documents, on record, in court paperwork, and if these morons did any fact checking, they would in fact know, that I did win, and they cheated.  And committed crimes.


Jennifer Star, the first "comment from HireCentrix is a liberal, and not only incapable of truth, but just a mouth piece of liberalism.  Take a look at her narrative

read down her column of comments, wow