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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Healthy Eating Living & Learning What Foods Contain Bad & Cancer Causing Ingredients


Foods that Have Acrylamide

How dangerous is your coffee?

Water brands that contain floride

You can easily buy a kit to test your own water,  they are sold on line and in some stores

Don't eat Ginger if you have these conditions

Heakth Ranger - warning people about being microchipped  -RFID

McDonald's French Fries - wake up everyone  sprayed w/ so many chemicals, watch

Canola Oil - Fake Oil  Do not ingest it

Sugar danger

Dangers of dryer sheets - chemicals all over your body and clothes

Glyphosate shutting down our kidneys - Monsanto pesticide

Man beat cancer by changing diet

Drugging children under the age of 6

Our food being poisoned

Polluted water

9 Foods Banned from other countries

Listeria found in milk or meat is dangerous and can be life threatening

Healthy vs acidic  the list of foods

Canola oil


tracking our food intake w/ a sensor attached to our tooth

chinese food salty

signs of cancers


Dangers in our vitamins

 Chemo free treatment uses our bodies to attack cancer cells

 Healthy cures

Milk thistle

70,000 food additives

cancer screenings